Best Backcountry XC Ski Boots of 2023 – NNN BC Boots for Ski Touring

With the ski season just around the corner, it’s time to check your backcountry ski gear. Your boots are the most important equipment since a high-quality pair of backcountry cross-country ski boots can make or break your overall ski touring experience.

5 Best Backcountry Cross-Country Ski Boots for Women

Picking the right backcountry cross-country ski boots for women requires time, consideration, and a lot of thought. To save you the trouble, we have prepared a list of some of the best options currently available. Most of these boots are New Nordic Norm Backcountry compatible which is one of the most popular binding system. Enjoy cross-country skiing in the backcountry as never before!

1. Alpina Sports Women’s Montana Eve Backcountry Boots

Alpina Sports Montana Backcountry Cross Country Nordic Ski Boots, Brown/Black, Euro 36

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Compatible bindings: NNN BC


Any list of the best backcountry cross-country ski boots would be incomplete without mentioning these high-end boots from Alpina Sports. With an excellent balance of comfort and support, these will help you enjoy your off-trail adventure to the fullest.

Alpina’s Monntana Eve boots are made using high-quality synthetic leather that promises durability in the long run. Since they are designed for rough ungroomed terrain, you can use them without any worries. They have a perfect fit, so expect maximum stability.

The soles are designed to offer great traction so you can move easily on backcountry terrain. One of the best features is the Thinsulate lining that will keep your feet warm, regardless of the external temperature.

These boots come with an additional protection layer, a waterproof membrane. This membrane is not only breathable, but it also works well in keeping the feet dry and safe in the snow. The anatomic footbed in these boots offers vertical support to the arch of the foot. This way, you can enjoy additional balance and comfort in extreme weather conditions.

These backcountry NNN boots are functional as well as versatile. Finally, the speed lace system of these boots allows you to wear them easily and comfortably during your entire cross-country skiing trip.

All in all, if you are planning for backcountry cross-country skiing, these Alpina boots are the perfect companion.


  • Highly durable and offer maximum traction
  • Thinsulate material keeps the feet extra warm
  • Anatomic footbed keeps the foot in an accurate position
  • Waterproof design makes it extremely functional in the snow
  • Non-slip sole for better control


  • Lacks any Velcro strap
  • An expensive pair
  • Synthetic P-Leather upper for durability and longevity
  • Anatomic foot bed provides good support and stiff midsole procides needed ski control
  • Rottefella NNN-BC sole works in all NNN-BC system bindings, manual or automatic
  • Alpitex waterproof breathable membrane helps keep your keep drier
  • Thinsulate brand insulation for added warmth …

2. Alpina Women’s BC-1550 EVE Backcountry Boots

Alpina BC-1550 Back-Country Nordic Cross-Country Ski Boots, for use with NNN-BC Bindings, Black/Silver, 36

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Compatible bindings: Rottefella NNN BC


Another great product from Alpina Sports; these NNN boots are designed for women looking for stability, power, and control as they glide through ungroomed terrain. These boots are made to provide excellent balance and protection on your skiing adventure.

Firstly, these backcountry cross-country ski boots are highly durable and can easily take abuse without compromising on performance. The sole is not only comfortable but offers traction, so you don’t slip on the snow.

The Thinsulate lining keeps your feet warm and dry all day long. Additionally, while the user-friendly speed lace system eases the wearing, the Velcro strap provides control unlike anything else on the market.

Moreover, the heel counter ensures extra comfort and stability for various types of heels by preventing heel in and out movement. BC-1550 EVE also incorporates Alpina’s Lady Last feature, assuring that these boots are a great fit for all shapes of feet, let it be narrow, wide, high or low.

The anatomic footbed increases support and creates a natural foot roll while skiing. Overall, these women’s ski boots are a great option for beginner to intermediate skiers.


  • A comfortable anatomic bed for unmatched support
  • Equipped with a warm insulation
  • The dual tongue system offers protection from snow
  • Velcro strap to give you the right fit
  • Provides control on the snow tracks


  • Some concerns about the quality
  • NNN BC Sole
  • Anatomic Foot bed and toe box protection
  • Plastic heel counter
  • Dual Tongue system for superior snow protection
  • Thinsulate insulation for warmth

3. Rossignol BC X2 Ski Boots – Unisex

Rossignol BC X-2 Mens XC Ski Boots 41

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Compatible bindings: NNN BC


Rossignol never disappoints its customers when it comes to high-quality ski boots. These backcountry ski boots are one of the most user-friendly sets of footwear to pack along on an adventure.

First of all, they are made with precision using superior materials like PVC and Cordura. The build is long-lasting and, therefore, reliable. When it comes to the design, these boots feature appealing aesthetics, which makes them useful for both men and women.

The sole is tough and keeps you stable on rough and tough snowy terrains without any risk of falling. Provided, you wear wool or synthetic ski socks which is essential for backcountry skiing, you will get the necessary warmth thanks to the polyester lining – even in freezing temperatures. This feature keeps the feet dry, let it be deep powder or icy, wet snow conditions.

The lacing system allows you to put the shoes on and take them off quickly and easily. You can enjoy the support and balance with the comfortable midsole. All these features work brilliantly together to help you explore Mother Nature anytime you want.

Overall, these easy-to-use backcountry cross-country ski boots will make your feet delighted, for sure.


  • Highly suitable for entry-level skiers
  • Nice fit with a user-friendly design
  • Offers warmth and stability in the snow
  • Metallic hooks ensure safety
  • Great for both men and women


  • Not recommended for advanced skiers
  • Relatively heavier than other models

4. Rossignol BC 6 FW Ski Boots – Women’s

Rossignol BC X6 Ski Boots
Compatible bindings: NNN BC


Rossignol is an internationally acclaimed known name for manufacturing cross-country ski boots that are the perfect combination of style and comfort. This product is specially designed for women so they can make the most of their skiing adventure.

Ideally designed for cross-country skiing, these boots feature a Cordura upper, so there is no question about the pair’s durability. When it comes to the design, the lovely aesthetics will leave you in awe. There is a Thinsulate lining to ensure that your feet remain warm, regardless of the weather conditions.

Thanks to the thermos’ adjustable fit, the interior will match the contours of your feet, thereby providing you the expected comfort and support. Moreover, the extended lace up to the ankles makes these boots extremely functional in snow.

Moreover, the boots are equipped with free-hinge cuffs in addition to Velcro straps. These features increase the power, control, and, most of all, stability during skiing. With the high-density heel, you can conveniently walk in the snow without worrying about falling.

So, if comfort and durability are your priority, these ski boots are the best pick for you.


  • Features a dual-density heel for maximum stability
  • Thinsulate linings to keep your feet warm and dry
  • The Lockdown system gives you the required support on snowy terrains
  • Durable lace covers to keep the snow out
  • Offers a great fit to the user


  • Some concerns about customer service


5. Fischer Offtrack 5 BC My Style Ski Boots – Women’s

Fischer Women's Offtrack 5 BC My Style Cross Country Ski Boots, Black/Grey, 43

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Compatible bindings: NNN BC


Fischer is a well-known name in the industry and is known for its qualities it brings to cross-country skiing as a sport. These women’s backcountry cross-country ski boots are no less than any other nordic ski gear from the company. They are equipped with a tremendous set of features that make them stand out from the rivals.

Fischer’s Offtrack 5 BC My Style boots are made of high-quality nylon to withstand the extreme weather conditions you might encounter during a backcountry cross-country ski tour. The lightweight body is coupled with hinged ankle support to make maneuverability easy even on backcountry terrain.

Moreover, you will find the cuff higher with tall gaiters, so the snow does not enter the boots. Thanks to the simple entry loops, you won’t find any difficulty in putting on and taking off the boots at any times.

The boots are also insulated with a warm wool lining to help you keep going in freezing temperatures. Moreover, the fit gets better with time, thereby bringing value to your bucks. The sole that is compatible with only New Nordic Norm BC bindings prevents slipping and ensures proper foot position.

When it comes to functionality, these backcountry cross-country ski boots keep your feet safe and stable even on the trickiest, ungroomed terrain. You should be confident that these Fischer boots will get you anywhere.


  • Wool lining provides the required warmth in the snow
  • Versatile and offers maximum ankle support
  • Easy to wear and take off
  • Durable build with a great fit
  • Allows easy ski movements


  • Complaints about sizing issues
  • HINGED POLYMER CUFF - Hinged polymer cuff provides outstanding edge control without restricting forward movement
  • INTEGRATED GAITERS - Integrated gaiters with sealed zippers keep your feet dry in deep snow
  • COMFORT GUARD - Very lightweight insulation material for additional thermal protection in the forefoot and toe area …

5 Best Backcountry Cross-Country Ski Boots for Men

1. Alpina Sports Alaska Leather Backcountry Cross-Country Ski Boots – Men’s

Alpina Sports Alaska Heat Heated Leather Backcountry Cross Country Nordic Ski Boots, Red, Euro 43

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Compatible bindings: NNN BC


These Alpina Sports boots are for those who are looking for effortless backcountry cross-country skiing. They are equally useful for both entry-level and intermediate skiers; all you need to do is get the right size.

The first thing you will notice is the pleasing design that is enhanced with the red aesthetics. They mainly stand out for their incredible sturdy construction. These backcountry cross-country ski boots feature a tough leather upper, which makes the boots extremely durable.

The sole is compatible with NNN BC bindings to keeps skiers always in control. With a medium flex, the midsole ensures comfort during long-distance touring. Moreover, the incorporation of an anatomic footbed ensures a snug fit with the soft collar keeping the ankle secure.

Another great thing about these cross-country ski boots is the extensive lacing system that provides a smooth fit along with ski control. You can have warm feet throughout the day, all thanks to the lightweight insulation. Additionally, there is a breathable membrane to prevent foul smell and wet feet.

You can use them on rough terrains without worrying about slipping as they provide great traction. So, if you are looking for a budget-friendly set of ski boots, this is the one for you.


  • Superior leather construction makes these boot long-lasting
  • Waterproof breathable membrane keeps the feet fresh and dry
  • Extensive lacing system for a secure fit
  • Highly suitable for rugged conditions
  • Offers traction on descents


  • Heavy ski boots
  • No strap
  • Temp battery powered heat system for warm feet
  • The Ultimate HEATED full grain leather supportive back-country ski boot
  • Rottefella NNN-BC sole works in all NNN-BC system bindings, manual or automatic
  • Alpitex waterproof breathable membrane helps keep your keep drier
  • Thinsulate brand insulation for added warmth …

2. Alpina Sports BC-1550 Backcountry Ski Boots

Alpina BC-1550 Back-Country Nordic Cross-Country Ski Boots, for use with NNN-BC Bindings, Black/Silver, 47
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An excellent balance of comfort and support, the Alpina BC 1550 Backcountry Nordic Ski Boots gives you unmatched control on your skiing experience, making sure every slope is enjoyed to the fullest. It is compatible with NNN BC binding system.

The soles of the Alpina BC 1550 have great traction that promises to deliver stability on your skiing track. The insole is comfortable and provides solid support to your feet. No matter what the external temperature is, the Thinsulate linings keep your feet warm and dry. These boots are equipped with a speed lace system as well as a Velcro strap – together these two features provide the snug and the perfect control not many boots offer.

Another excellent feature about the Alpina BC 1550 is the multilayered snow protection it offers – it has a dual tongue system that even keeps those stubborn snowflakes at bay. As a result, your feet remain warm and dry, and you get to do what these boots were designed for, i.e., exploring the slopes.

The Alpina BC 1550 are designed for the rough and tough scenarios. The plastic heel counter adds extra support even in extreme snow conditions. The anatomic footbed adds vertical support to the arch of your foot keeping it in the proper position, hence providing an additional balance and safety in cold winter days. No matter where you plan to do cross country skiing, this pair of Alpina BC 1550 is the perfect companion to accompany you no matter where you go.


  • Anatomic footbed.
  • Reinforced toe cap.
  • The dual tongue system provides complete protection from snow
  • Plastic heel cuff.
  • Great traction.
  • Thinsulate material keeps feet extra warm.


  • No drawbacks reported.

3. Rossignol BC X11 75mm Ski Boots – Men’s

Compatible bindings: 75mm 3-pin binding


These Rossignol backcountry cross-country ski boots offer the stability you have been looking for. From intermediate to advanced level skiers, the BC X11 boots are a great choice for most metal edge touring skis.

They feature a durable Cordura fabric upper with a Thinsulate lining to ensure reliability. The use of dual-core technology makes the boots stiff without adding weight. The impeccable build is blended with a lightweight and user-friendly design. Being thermo-moldable, the boots even offer a custom fit.

When it comes to the sole, the boots are equipped with a 75mm sole that works well with the three-pin binding to provide maximum stability on the snowy terrains. Thanks to the external cuff gaiters, there is no way the snow can enter the boots, hence ensuring comfort.

The lace-up closure is coupled with the Velcro strap and metallic hooks for smooth downhill skiing. Moreover, the plastic cuffs enhance the performance while turning.

Lastly, you will find a Thinsulate heat-retaining insulation in these boots, which will provide warmth in extremely cold conditions all day long. In short, these classic boots are a great choice for any metal edge touring skis.


  • A quality power strap ensures the right control
  • Comfortable as well as durable pair
  • Tall external cuff gaiters to keep the snow out
  • Metallic hook and buckle for additional safety
  • Stiff boots that are also lightweight


  • Lacks a lacing system

4. Rossignol BC X6 Ski Boots – Men’s

Compatible bindings: NNN BC


If you are looking for a versatile pair of boots for cross-country backcountry skiing, then get your hands on this product from Rossignol. Designed for men, these boots are packed with extra features to make them an ideal purchase.

They are constructed using high-quality materials with a Cordura fabric upper to serve you for years to come. They feature a tough sole to keep you balanced on ungroomed terrain.

Moreover, external cuff gaiters are incorporated to mitigate the snow and tiny frozen objects. This way, your feet remain dry all day long. Another great thing is the exceptional zipper system, which ensures a secure fit while moving on the snow.

Thanks to the superior Thinsulate lining, RossignoL’s BC X6 boots perform extremely well in extremely cold and wet conditions. Moreover, the thermos-moldable fit allows the boots to mold to the shape of your feet, thereby providing a perfect fit.

Additionally, there is a Velcro strap to enhance stability and control as you move through the snow. This feature proves extremely useful when skiing downhills.

In a nutshell, paired with quality metal edge cross-country skis, these ski boots are meant to provide excellent grip and safety, so you can enjoy the backcountry skiing experience to the max.


  • Equipped with ankle straps for a secure fit
  • Moldable fit ensures a comfortable experience
  • Integrated gaiters keep the snow out
  • Highly recommended for recreational skiers
  • Sturdy and elegant build


  • Not suitable for professional skiers
  • Lacks ankle support

5. Rossignol BC X6 75mm Ski Boots – Men’s

Rossignol X-6 SC Mens XC Ski Boots Sz 48

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Compatible bindings: 75mm-3-pin


For increased versatility and durability, you can trust Rossignol without having any doubt. Rossignol’s BC X6 boots are highly recommended for any backcountry XC skiers with 75mm bindings.

With high-end construction, these backcountry cross-country ski boots tend to last through seasons. Their sturdy build is coupled with a rugged design, making them a great choice for cross-country skiing. The Cordura nylon lace cover ensures the safety of your feet, while the simple zipper system makes putting off and on the boots a breeze. Plus, the addition of the Velcro strap takes safety to the next level.

Moreover, the free-hinge cuffs with spectacular straps keep you balanced on rough terrains. There are external gaiters keeping snow from entering the boots.

Additionally, there are nylon shanks in the midsole that provide the essential support to move easily on the snow. You won’t be tired even after a whole day on the slope, all thanks to the dual-density heel that provides comfort par excellence. These backcountry cross-country ski boots are equipped with 75mm soles that are compatible with the 3-pin backcountry bindings.

Plus, you can’t ignore the Thinsulate lining in the boots that allow heat to be molded around your feet, so you can enjoy a better fit as well as comfort.


  • Rugged soles ensure great stability
  • Nylon shanks prevent foot fatigue
  • Great design for good mobility
  • The secure zipper system keeps the foot in place
  • A Velcro strap provides ankle protection


  • No colors available to choose from
  • Design can be improved
  • Performance Fit
  • PVC Lace Cover
  • Polyester Thermo Adjustable Fit
  • Mobile Cuff Optimal freedom of fore/aft movement combined with torsional rigidity for total control.
  • Sport Sole The bi-injection insert provides optimum feel for sports skiers.

6. Fischer Offtrack 5 BC Ski Boots – Men’s

Compatible bindings: NNN BC


Fischer is the go-to choice of people who want durability and high-end performance. These backcountry cross-country ski boots are specially designed for backcountry cross-country skiing. Manufacturers have incorporated quality features to ensure a great performance.

It is built using fine materials to last in the long run. The attractive aesthetics are well complemented by a user-friendly design. Meanwhile, the sealed zipper with Velcro straps keep your feet dry at all times.

Additionally, there are integrated gaiters to keep the snowflakes out of the boots and keep your feet dry all day long. When it comes to comfort, Fischer’s Offtrack 5 BC boots won’t disappoint you. The New Nordic Norm BC sole ensures great stability under most off-trail circumstances.

Thanks to the large entry loops, you won’t find any difficulty in putting the boots on and taking them off. It will take mere seconds to get ready for your adventure. Another notable feature is the insulation, which is not only lightweight but also highly functional in providing the necessary warmth in freezing temperatures.

The best thing about these shoes is they block nasty odor all day long so you can remain fresh and comfortable on the slopes. All in all, these Fischer cross-country ski boots are not to be missed.


  • Polymer cuffs provide additional stability
  • Lightweight and safe ski boots
  • Large entry loops make wearing them easy
  • Breathable design prevents foul odor
  • Suitable for both recreational and sports activities


  • Might rub the ankle bone if you tighten them too much
  • Price is very high


Backcountry cross-country skiing has received immense popularity over the last few years. Whether you are an entry-level XC skier who is just getting started or are a professional, a pair of reliable ski boots is a must. Since each pair of boots works for a particular style of skier, you can’t just go for any random pick.
This is even more true for backcountry cross-country skiing. You should get your hands on the best boots that are warm, comfortable and have just the perfect fit for you.