15 Best Balaclavas and Face Masks for Skiing in 2022 Winter

Balaclavas or ski masks are essential accessories used in snow sports like snowboarding and skiing and outdoor exposure during winters.

Recommended 3 Balaclavas for Skiing

Best Balaclavas for Skiing

1. Turtle Fur Quantum Balaclava Midweight

Turtle Fur Quantum Comfort Shell Hinged Hood Performance Balaclava, Black
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Turtle Fur’s midweight balaclava uses a single-layer comfort shell Tech fabric with 92% polyester and 8% spandex and fur. It provides additional warmth and ease as it has a brushed interior surface, unlike other balaclavas.

In addition, the Quantum balaclava provides UPF 50+ sun protection. Unlike other balaclavas on this list, this one has microfleece that lines the neck’s front panel and provides extra protection and warmth.

It is a one-size balaclava that fits everyone. It can also be used as a helmet liner. Plus, it doesn’t need any extra layers, like a Merino wool balaclava does, to keep you warm. You can easily use it at temperatures below -35°C, while some Merino wool models are too thin for these temperatures.

  • Size: Adult snug fit, One Size fits most. Also fits Juniors and Teens; Weight - 2.5 oz.
  • Built for performance: Made with our lightweight Comfort Shell Performance fabric - 92% polyester, 8% spandex. It works to manage moisture and maintain heat, while also providing a snug fit and UPF 50+ sun protection …

2. Minus33 Merino Wool 740 Expedition Balaclava

Minus33 Merino Wool - Expedition Balaclava - Cold Weather Ski Face Mask - Heavyweight - Black
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This balaclava is made of 100% Merino wool, making it super soft and warm. It can serve as a neck gaiter or a whole face balaclava. Other great features include the ability to wick off moisture and its odor-resistance, which the Turtle fur balaclava lacks.

It is a one-size balaclava but fits anyone regardless of gender, height, and weight. Some people might find the eye area too big and while merino wool is naturally breathable, the material appears a little bit thin. However, unlike the turtle fur balaclava, it works best as a windbreaker. At temperatures below -35°C, this Minus33 product might need an extra layer for added warmth.

  • QUALITY EXPEDITION BALACLAVA: 100% Merino Wool is super soft and extremely comfortable. Versatility and warmth make this expedition weight face mask an essential part of your cold weather gear. Crafted to fit One Size with multiple uses. Wear as shown covering nose and mouth. Easily pull down to uncover nose or nose and mouth. Pull the top back and put your head through opening and wear as a neck gaiter. Adjust to your needs on the go …

3. T Wilker Knit Balaclava Set with Gloves

This T Wilker Knit Balaclava is a multi-purpose product, which can easily be used as a neck gaiter, ski mask, balaclava, and winter scarf as and when required. This kind of versatility is unseen with the Merino wool and Turtle fur.

This knit balaclava is made of acrylic knit and fleece, enhancing protection against falling temperatures more effectively than most of the other balaclavas featured on this list.

Another great thing is that unique gloves accompany this one. These anti-slip gloves are long-lasting and can withstand harsh conditions. The only problem is that the product has a strong smell of perfume when it arrives in the package, which is not present in any other balaclavas. Otherwise, it is an excellent unisex, tight-fit balaclava, providing perfect protection against cold winds, sun, and snow.

  • ☑【Odor-free And Environmentally Friendly Material】: 100% High quality, eco-friendly superior knitting acrylic material and soft artificial fleece lining, no odor, no formaldehyde, environmentally friendly material, the inner artificial fleece is as comfortable and warm as touching feathers.
  • ☑【Upgraded Version Lengthened 5CM】: The balaclava beanie winter hat and scarf are integrated,THE OVERALL LENGTH IS INCREASED BY 5 CM, it completely covers the neck without leaving a gap, Head circumference(52cm~59cm/20.5”~23.2”), fit for most men’s and women’s head circumferences …

4. Columbia Omni-Heat Ski Balaclava

Columbia Youth Boys Girls Unisex Agent Heat Omni-Heat Ski Balaclava (One Size, Black)
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This Columbia balaclava has little silver dots that reflect and retain body warmth, which is a unique feature on this list. It helps regulate body temperature as it dissipates moisture and excess heat. This multi-functional hat can be used as a neck gaiter and worn separately as a balaclava.

You can use it to line a beanie or a helmet seamlessly for additional warmth. Moreover, it is made of polyester/elastane, which does not retain moisture and keeps warm throughout.

5. BUFF Adult ThermoNet Hinged Balaclava

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This BUFF balaclava uses Primaloft yarn which provides guaranteed warmth while skiing, hiking, sleighing, etc. It is built with a 4-way ULTRA STRETCH, which provides flexibility in size and shape much more efficiently than any other products on this list.

Plus, its unique hinge design gives easy open access. The vapor grid mouthpiece promotes ventilation and prevents fog formation on the goggles, which the previous products don’t offer. It has an additional ponytail flap at the back, which is absent in all other balaclavas.

One downside is that it does not form a proper seal over one’s nose like the other balaclavas. Moreover, it is petite and would be more suitable for young and short adults or children.

  • WAYS TO WEAR & USE: Your head will be fully protected when you're wearing this BUFF. Perfect for snowy adventures on the roads, trails or slopes, walking the dog, going sledding or at the hockey rink watching practice. You'll be warm no matter what
  • FEATURES: 4-Way ULTRA STRETCH for comfort and fit. VaporGrid air transport with laser cut holes increases breathability and eliminates goggle fog. Articulated, soft, chafe-free neck provides comfortable full coverage. Ponytail flap opening in the back …

6. Tough Headwear Balaclava Ski Mask

Balaclava Ski Mask - Winter Face Mask for Men & Women - Cold Weather Gear for Skiing, Snowboarding & Motorcycle Riding Black
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The Tough Headwear Balaclava uses a blend of 89% polyester and 11% spandex which help retain heat and repel moisture, however not as efficiently as the products already mentioned. It is a fantastic amalgam of warmth, stretchability, and comfort.

Mesh breathing panels are present for air circulation, which is a unique feature of this balaclava. It also minimizes fogging on the glasses through the breathing panels.This balaclava will provide adequate cold protection for winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, ATVing, but thanks to the heavy duty construction, you can also use it for working outside, or even in cold storage or freezers.

Like the T Wilker balaclava, it is also convertible into a neck warmer, ski mask, scarf, helmet liner, and ninja hood. Moreover, it can be worn for hours-long tasks, as it is durable and doesn’t wear out quickly.

  • Winter Ready: Winter has nothing on our Strike balaclava. Ready to brave all the elements from snow and sleet to wind, dust, cold, and UV, our ski mask isn’t letting in any unwanted intruders. So whether you blaze down the slopes like Shaun White, shovel snow or ATV in the desert like Mad Max, our balaclava’s got you covered …

7. Smartwool Merino 250 Balaclava

This Smartwool Balaclava is also made of 100% Merino wool fabric, but it has a single-layer interlock knit construction, which other balaclavas don’t have. Its jersey knit and double layering provides maximum face protection and warmth better than other Merino wool balaclavas.

It is versatile, and unlike the Omni-heat, T Wilker, and tough headwear balaclava, it provides greater peripheral vision.

However, its neck is not very long like other balaclavas, but you can pair it with a neck gaiter. Moreover, it may be too tight at first, but it fits comfortably after 2 to 3 uses.

8. Smartwool Intraknit 200 Balaclava

Another Smartwool product. The Intraknit 200 balaclava comprises 53% Merino wool, 45% polyester, 2% elastane. The natural anti-odor attribute of Merino wool allows it to remain fresh and clean for more extended periods.

It may be too large for people with small heads but fits perfectly under a helmet and serves as a nice liner. Moreover, its breathability allows you to perform winter sports like skiing and snowboarding without running out of breath fast.

  • Soft, Comfortable and Durable: Merino Sport yarn combines the power of Merino with the durability and fast dry times of polyester
  • Engineered for Lightweight, Breathable Near Custom Fit: Knit structure enhances performance at lighter weights, mesh ventilation enhances breathability and 3D mapping results in a near custom fit and enhanced freedom of movement …

9. Under Armour Men’s Storm Sport Balaclava

Under Armour Men's Storm Sport Balaclava , Black (001)/Pitch Gray , One Size Fits Most
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This balaclava has unique UA storm technology, repelling water without affecting breathability. Plus, its warm dual-layer ColdGear fabric gives it an edge over Merino wool, Tough headwear balaclava, and T wilker balaclava in terms of warmth.

Its exterior is very smooth and absorbs any sweat more effectively than the other balaclavas without letting the skin feel clammy. With this product, you can face cold winds, freezing temperatures, and go skiing without a second thought. It is durable and has an excellent fit, which some other balaclavas don’t provide.

  • UA Storm technology repels water without sacrificing breathability
  • Dual-layer ColdGear fabric with an ultra-warm, brushed interior & a smooth, fast-drying exterior
  • Material wicks sweat & dries really fast
  • Offers full facial coverage that extends below the neck & can convert to a neck gaiter

10. Outdoor Research Ninjaclava

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This balaclava has 100% nylon fabric which is breathable and wicks sweat and moisture. The heat release feature is unique to Ninjaclava and not present in the other balaclavas on this list. Moreover, unlike others, it has a flat seam construction and silicone prints around the eyes, which keep your goggles fixed.

The silicone prints will keep your goggles in place no matter what speed you are skiing. It provides complete coverage of the face and nose so you can easily be protected from the cold wind, UV rays, and any harsh conditions in snow. When heat gathers, peel open the hinged hood, and the temperatures will regulate right away.

  • Moisture wicking, breathable
  • Hood hinges back to vent excess heat
  • Flat seam construction, silicone prints around eye opening to keep goggles in place

11. Blackstrap Hood Balaclava Face Mask

Blackstrap hood balaclava uses patented tri-blend fabric made in the USA. It has become the topmost priority for snowboarders, skiers, and snowmobile riders due to its ergonomic design, Exo-hinge construction, and 4-way stretch fabric, which is moisture-wicking. These features are not found in the majority of balaclavas on this list.

Plus, unlike other balaclavas available in just one size, this one also has a kids size. It is rated UPF 50+ for protection against the sun, so that’s a plus point too.

However, its breathability is questioned by users because its fabric is thick, and you need to pull it down from time to time to catch your breath.

12. Self Pro Balaclava Ski Mask for Cold Weather

Self Pro Balaclava is made of 100% polyester, making it durable, absorbent, abrasion- and moisture-resistant. It stays warm and dry for extended periods. It is very soft to feel and remains wrinkle-free.

While this balaclava provides the best fit on this list, it is far from the top of the list for a clear reason: It tends to catch and absorb all the perspiration around your nose and mouth, so in extremely low temperatures it might get really cold and uncomfortable. This issue might not be a problem if you are not doing any intense skiing or snowshoeing, but you should definitely not do any skate skiing with this.

13. Ergodyne N-Ferno Winter Ski Mask Balaclava

This balaclava’s fabric provides better wind resistance than the other balaclavas listed here. It is versatile because you can also wear it as a neck gaiter and ski mask. You can tuck the material inside the jacket to provide full coverage to the head, neck, and upper chest.

The fleece which lines the head portion provides extra warmth in mild to extreme conditions. It has a stretchable material and hinge design and easily fits different head sizes.

  • WIND-RESISTANT – Protective fabric paneling over face shields against the wind’s bite
  • BREATH EASY – Align mesh panel over the mouth for optimal airflow
  • HINGED DESIGN – Can be worn in 3 different ways: open face balaclava, neck gaiter or full ski mask
  • HIGH-QUALITY THERMAL FLEECE – Warmth in mild to extreme conditions …

14. RefrigiWear Extreme Dual Layer Balaclava

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The Refrigiwear balaclava uses dual-layer Polartec fleece and reflective piping at the seams, while no other balaclava offers this feature. Plus, it is versatile and can be converted into a neck gaiter or a full coverage mask. Its comfortable material and unmatched warmth make it one of the best choices for snowboarders.

  • Dual-layer Polartec fleece
  • Reflective piping at seams
  • Form fitting for ultimate warmth
  • Made from recycled materials
  • RefrigiWear has been protecting you in the cold for over 60 years. Founded, owned, and operated in the USA, RefrigiWear is dedicated to finding the best solutions for all cold weather needs. Since 1954, RefrigiWear has been making innovations and improving the gear you trust to stay warm and protected …

15. ZERDOCEAN Winter Windproof Balaclava

Finally, this soft fleece balaclava has a hinged, breathable mesh vent design. It allows you to ski effortlessly. Plus, the manufacturer promises that with this balaclava your goggles won’t fog up even in freezing weather if positioned right.

It serves as a neck warmer, winter gear, and a full face mask with its stretchable fabric. You can also use it to line a helmet. It is OK for skiing, snowboarding, cold weather outdoor sports, cycling, and even winter running. The best part is that it is available at a lower price than the other balaclavas, making it a great budget-friendly option for you.