Best Downhill Ski Boots of 2020

Your ski boots should fit you snugly, holding your foot firmly in your skis, whilst still allowing you the flexibility of movement that you need. It’s important you get yourself properly measured for ski boots and that you try a pair on and move around in them before you buy them. Quality ski boots will keep you feet dry and protected.

Nordica SpeedMachine

Nordica SpeedMachine Ski Boots

Want confidence when scratching turns and making split-decision transitions? The Nordica Speedmachine ski boots were made to build confidence through easy balancing and a snug-fitting design that decreases boot slippage while increasing power transmission. The inset padding molds to your foot for a control-enhancing custom fit, so this boot is perfect for the intermediate skier who loves the moguls or is trying to perfect popping big air. If you’re trying to improve on the fluff, on the mounds or in the air, the Nordica Speedmachine delivers big-time fun and a great fit.

Skiers say the Nordica Speedmachine ski boots almost help them learn because they can focus on using their body to twist, turn, and transition down the mountain instead of haggling with poor-fitting models. Beginners can get a solid lesson in stability – and what a ski boot is supposed to feel like – while intermediate skiers can vastly improve their skills when it comes to minute flex movements to really advance. Even experts will appreciate this boot’s comfort, and like all Nordica boots, the Speedmachine is low-maintenance and keeps the wet, cold snow away from your feet. Simply put, one of the best boots on the market if you’re a hard-core skier in it for the long haul.

Tecnica Diablo

People who are looking for a great-fitting ski boot with plenty of lower leg and shin support should treat the Tecnica Diablo as a must-buy. These ski boots have a soft flex that allows for easy balancing and excellent boot-to-ski response. The V-shaped design and flex lock add control and plenty of options for the intrepid skier. The Diablo’s cushioning is extremely soft, saving your feet from blisters and sore spots after a long day hitting the slopes. The padding is also extra warm to keep toes toasty all day long, and the insulated interior is surrounded by a water-resistant shell that keeps your feet dry whether you’re sliding down the groomers or kicking through the pow.

Skiers say the Tecnica Diablo is great for tricky hilly areas and with a lot of turns and toils. They love that these boots are very easy on your feet and have little resistance in the deep powder. The Diablo’s built-in stability features help slope-skinners maintain proper balance through tough turns on rails and in the pipe, helping to build confidence and reliability.

Tecnica Agent

The Tecnica Agent ski boot is perfect for expert skiers and even professionals with its 120 flex and 98mm forefoot, which allows skiers to roam in a wide range of mountain and weather conditions. Whether you like to jump the cliffs, slide down the groomers, pop the pipes or mull through the pow, the Agent is a great all-around ski boot. A zeppa foot bed wards off those annoying toe, heel, and foot injuries while robust insulation keeps feet warm and dry – even for power skiers and adrenaline junkies who tend to wear their gear out quickly.

Adventurous skiers say the Tecnica Agent is great as an all-purpose utility boot, making terrain transitions a breeze. Smart engineering through four micro-adjustment buckles makes minor adjustments a snap so they can stay on-the-go all day long. Double-cuffed design and thermal lining keeps feet warm and dry, and many users say the Agent is comfortable at high speeds and break-neck turns. They love the Agent’s snug fit and say it helps transfer power from legs to skis for a smoother, more controlled ride. A flexible boot for all terrains makes this boot a winner and a true workhorse for the avid skier.

Salomon X Wave

If you have ever thought of tackling the exhilarating experience known as Alpine skiing and seamlessly weaving through the trees with ease, comfort, and speed the Salomon X Wave has been designed especially for you. These ski boots use a custom fit pro liner combined with Sensifit technology that provides a layer of soft plastic material for better ski handling and efficient energy transfer from one end to another for maximum power transmission. The fitting is great as well and is perfect for a person having an average-to-large foot size.

The Salomon XWave is the amalgamation of everything a skier wants out of a hard-core ski boot; many skiers love that these boots are comfortable and performance-oriented for awesome speed and flex when popping off the ramps. In fact, some say this is the most comfortable pair of ski boots they’ve ever worn! Designed for professional mountain skiing, these ski boots work equally-well for the adventurous backcountry junkie who likes to tear it up in the hills. The four-buckle design allows maximum adjustability so skiers can get the perfect fit without paying the high price of custom boots. If you’re after big air, and have big air skis, you don’t want to miss the Salomon XWave!

Salomon Falcon

If speed and agility are your priority, you can’t go wrong with the versatile Salomon Falcon. This high-concept ski boot was engineered for the skiers who aren’t satisfied with simply plunging down the mountainside – adrenaline junkies, look out! The CF race liner and four micro titanium blades add maximum comfort and response only possible with snug-fitting boots, while the spaceframe design and 110 flex offers huge pop and turn-on-a-dime extreme fun! The two-year warranty makes the Falcon practically a steal for hard-core types who just have to try everything and want to be in control the whole way through.

These boots are designed with varying shell densities to evenly distribute the forceful stress of high-impact landings. Skiers say the Salomon Falcon is one of the best examples of what an intuitive ski boot should be because it achieves a comfortable fit without taking anything away from performance. Backed by Salomon’s solid two-year warranty, the Falcon will keep you warm, dry, and hitting the groomers, pow, or backcountry for many seasons to come. Excellent flex and sharp graphic design add flair, style and pop to the boot’s overall performance for avid airheads, exuding a touch of class and attitude to the aptly named Salomon Falcon.

Lange Freeride

Lange Freeride ski boots are one of the best pair of skiing boots that a skier can get for skiing on the hard mountainous regions or any bumpy surfaces with a built-in concept liner that dissipates foot stress on tough, icy landings. This feature was engineered throughout the Freeride, so its shock absorbing properties are among the ski boot elite and makes transitioning terrains a breeze. The RECCO avalanche system keeps skiers safe on the slopes and is a great feature in a pinch.

Skiers say Lange Freeride ski boots are engineered for longevity, often outlasting the competition by several years. And while older models were revered for this valuable aspect, they were also shunned for lack of comfort – but that’s all changed with the latest Freerides. Lange recognized the need for comfort and listened to consumer reports, and has created one of the longest-lasting, comfortable boots on the market for a perfect combination of comfort, response, and value. Many skiers love the lightweight design, which makes the arduous task of trudging uphill quite a bit easier and also minimizes jerks and slips on the way down the mountain.

Head Raptor

If you want a ski boot that can stand up to the bumps and bruises of daily jaunts on the mountainside, look no further than the Head Raptor. The boots are supported with a leather liner and have a 99m last and a 120 flex for daily hard-pack pounding in rough patches and a big-air pop if that’s your bag. The Raptor was engineered to fly, so adrenaline junkies and show-off artists alike will dig the response these ski boots offer. An innovative adjustable boot angle coupled with dual power straps make this responsive boot hug your feat for excellent control on any terrain.

Skiers who have these boots say they feel really comfortable with a 98mm forefoot, and flex-wise the Raptors are quite soft – these boots are great for freestyle skiing! They can help you transmit power seamlessly while transiting between moves and provide more control over the ski run for overall performance stability. A lightweight design means these boots won’t hold you back when climbing the cliffs and makes it easy to keep proper circulation flowing to your feet on long days out. All skill levels of freestyle skiers appreciate the Head Raptor for its innovation, comfort, response and stability on the slopes

Dalbello Krypton Pro

Dalbello Sports Krypton Pro was engineered with finesse and great flex control for the pro-style international level skier. These ski boots are built with special thermo liners that lend a warm, dry, near-custom fit to the skier’s foot, supplemented with the use of a three-buckle latch system for excellent support over hard, bumpy ice. A Polyurethane shell and boot board offers a unique stiffness that advanced skiers will appreciate. Lightweight yet thoroughly warm, the Krypton Pro ski boots have excellent response and transmit power accurately.

Dalbello fused a classic design with high-concept technology to offer skiers the best in a modern ski boot – many say they feel at home when wearing these boots on the slopes. Skiers love the comfort level these boots provide, and say they’re smooth and intuitive when adapting to different terrains – from pow to moguls, back country to the dark side of the mountain. Many skiers find the shock-absorbing properties to be just what they needed on high-impact, high-mountain romps on the hard stuff, and adrenaline junkies say they don’t miss sore ankles at the end of the day when they wear the Dalbello Krypton Pro.