6 Best Women’s Cross Country Skis for 2024

Your cross country ski does not really care which gender you belong to – just like the slopes, you will be skiing on. As long as you are the right body type for your ski and know how to maneuver it, you should be good to go. However, many gender-specific cross country ski products are being marketed and a majority of female skiers go for them.

The reason for female skiers explicitly purchasing and using women’s cross country skis is because it is always helpful to use a product specifically designed for you. As compared to men, female skiers have a different type and weight range (generally) of the body. Although women can ski using men’s XC ski, they are generally lighter, and their feet size is different. So, why not go for the ski gear that is exclusively designed keeping female skiers in mind?

Unisex vs Womens’ Cross Country Skiing

Cross country skiing used to be a male-dominated sport, but time and evolution have changed it. Now you can not only find more and more female skiers and even kids enjoying this sport, cross country skiing has become a competitive sport in skiing competitions. The question is: why can’t female skiers use the same cross country ski as men do? Is this just a marketing gimmick or do female skiers actually need to have equipment and cross country ski packages designed specially for their gender type?

So, What is the Issue?

If you have noticed that the hard-charging skis are not available in shorter sizes, you would realize that female skiers have comparatively shorter shoe sizes than most of the men. This is one of the many reasons why female skiers need special gear and ski packages that are just right for them. In fact, even a man who has a petite structure can go for the women skis to have a firmer grip and a much better and confident cross country ski experience.

What is so Different About Women Skis?

There is more science involved in designing and manufacturing women skis than aesthetics. While as a woman you may be tempted to put your hands (or feet!) on feminine color or girly designs on your Nordic skis, it is better to know that these cross country skis are often designed keeping women’s other preferences in mind – the general structure, lighter weight, and built.

However, when Fischer introduced its Ranger 102FR for female skiers in a hot pink color, there were many men who wanted it too. Does that call for a unisex ski manufacturing and marketing system? One that is more focused on the structure that both male and female skiers could enjoy, and less on attaching some gender to the cross country ski products.

Unisex Cross Country Ski, Anyone?

So, if men are also interested in some of the women-labeled ski structures, why not go for a unisex ski approach? For example, a Nordic ski that is gender-neutral and unisex – a unisex ski that could be used and appreciated by both male and female skiers. Is it only the colors and graphics that are making men go for the macho male ski even if they want to try out the ones that are designed for female skiers?

6 Best Nordic Skis for Women

Whether you are trying Nordic skiing for the very first time, or you can ski with your eyes close, if you are a woman you must be curious to know what women skis are available in the market, and what they can offer you.

Here are our top 6 Nordic skis for female skiers that you must have a look at. One of these is the right one for you.

1. The Fishscale: Salomon Snowscape 7 Vitane

This cross country equipment offer you an excellent grip and a very consistent glide. Whether you want women ski for recreational purposes or competitive sports – this is the one for you. Its G2 Synchro base is proven to provide skiers the grip they need to conquer any slope. With the help of its S-CUT shape and shorter length, you can enjoy maximum maneuverability whether you want to glide down a slope or climb uphill.

This gear is ideal for female skiers as it has a durable and lightweight Densolite core. The Densolite 1000 core is created using uni-directional fiberglass from the outside, and a specially shaped Densolite foam from the inside.

This elegant blue fish scale women ski does not need you to go through the fuss of waxing. With a side cut of 59/ 55/ 51/ 55 and an average weight of 1.45 kgs, your skis are pre-drilled at the best position. All you need to do is take a screwdriver to mount any SNS/ Prolink binding, and off you go!

This women’s ski is great for all on-track as well as off-the-track performances. It is available in three sizes: small, medium, and large.


2. The Best Maneuverability: Salomon Women’s Snowscape 7 Siam

Salomon Women's Snowscape 7 Siam
The Salomon Women’s Snowscape 7 Siam Ski provides the best maneuverability on the slopes. It features a side cut of 59/ 55/ 51/ 55, and a pair of these elegant women skis will weigh around 1250 grams.

Some of its features include the Digital Dynamic Flex Control (DDFC) and a super helpful climbing aid technology. The G2 plus along with Densolite 2000 core make sure you are as confident on the slopes as ever.

The weight of these Salomon Women’s Snowscape 7 Siam cross country skis, on average is around 1.36 kgs. To make things easier for you, the manufacturer recommends your ski length according to your body weight. If your weight is less than 40 kg, between 40 kg and 45 kg, or even between 45 kg to 50 kg, the small size (S) is recommended. For weights between 50 kg to 65kg, medium size (M) is recommended. For a woman weighing between 65 kg to 80 kg, go for the large size (L).

3. The Turnamic Step-In: Fischer Mystique My Style

Fischer Mystique My Style
The Turnamic Step-In Fischer Mystique My Style women skis are in fact a blessing for cross country female skiers. They feature Integrated Fixation Plate – the IFP – and have a core of Air Channel Basalite technology.

The Step-In Mystique My Style skis are ergonomically designed. The turn lock system prevents any unwanted openings while you are on the slopes. The lever has a soft but secure grip that makes stepping in and out a breeze.

The best part is, you do not need a toolbox to mount and set its positionings. Thanks to the double lock slider, the bindings can be fixed and adjusted safely on the IFP plate. The Flow Flex feature makes sure that the two-part plate and the latching (that have 2 pins spaced closely) provide extra security and fixes the bindings at a single point.

Available in medium and small sizes, these are priced between $181.95 and $249.95 – depending upon the size you choose.

4. The Lightest: Fischer 2020 Inspire My Style

Fischer 2020 Inspire My Style
The Lightest Fischer 2020 Inspire My Style Cross Country Women’s ski comes with step in binding. With a side cut of 48/ 44/ 46, the ski weighs around 1240 grams.

The ski features IFP binding plate that you can move forward or backward depending upon your comfort level and terrain. The cross country ski has an elegant finish and is great for tracks as well as out-of-track performances.

The Lightest Fischer 2020 Inspire My Style cross country skis are great for intermediate level as well as fitness enthusiastic female skiers. These skis are light in weight and have a solid base of Air Core Basalite.

These womens cross country skis are available in many sizes: extra small, small, and medium; and are priced around $233.99 to $299.95.

5. The Beginner: Fischer Affinity

Fischer Affinity
The Fischer Affinity EF Cross Country Skis for Women is ideal for in-track or off-the-track or cross country skiing. It features the Integrated Fixation Plate (IFP) and is pre-mounted with Turnamic Tour step-in binding. The reduced length size facilitates better control and maneuverability. With the help of its Efficient Forward construction, the female skier can enjoy an easy kick and an even easier and smoother glide.

It boasts a hybrid air channel core and a Vario Crown waxless base. The Vario Crown is the latest in Crown technology. It is a combination of Single Crown, Double Crown, and Gliding Crown technologies that enable an even more efficient power transfer and optimum glide.

The core has air channels integrated into its fiberglass wooden core that make these cross country skis light in weight but heavy in performance, which means, they provide hardcore resistance towards breaking. The air channels also ensure a better distribution of pressure.

With a side cut of 60/ 52/ 58, the Fischer Affinity cross country skis weigh around 1360 (for S-196 cm sized ski). The Fischer Affinity EF Cross Country Skis are elegantly designed and come in different sizes: Medium (174 cm), Small (169 cm), and even Extra Small (164 cm). This step-in IFP binding blue and white ski has a cost of around $139.95 and $199.95.

6. The Metal-Edged: Alpina Discovery 68W Backcountry

Alpina Discovery 68W Backcountry
The Alpina Discovery 68W Backcountry Cross Country Skis are elegant, functional, and everything you will need on the slopes. This pink-colored metal edged beauty features smooth gliding by combining the on-trail functionalities of a narrow cross country ski with the off-track performance of a backcountry ski.

The Alpina Discovery 68W has an impressive width of 60 mm from the ski waist, making it narrow enough for showing the best gliding performance on groomed tracks. And if that is not enough, these narrow skis are stable and strong enough to explore the unchartered powdered snow. So, no matter what your skiing terrain is, this elegant pair of cross country skis can take you on a fun ride.

For hard snow, the metal edges give you the much needed performance that you need. In short, the Alpina Discovery 68W Backcountry cross country are a work of science and arts!

The ski base is Sollte SS810 waxless pattern base which provides you with excellent grip especially when you are climbing. And while you are going downhill, the Speed grind features on the tail and tip of your skis give you the glide you always dreamt of.

The sidecut of 68 mm ski tip, 60 mm ski waist, and 65 mm of ski tail is great for all groomed and ungroomed territories. It has an Ultra Lite wooden core with long lasting cap construction, and not to forget the metal edges.

You can install NNN-BC bindings, 75 mm bindings, or cable bindings on your Alpine Discovery 68W skis.

Weighing around 4.1 pounds and available in 4 sizes of 160 cm, 170 cm, 180 cm, and 190 cm – so, what are you waiting for?

How to Choose?

Choosing the right women’s ski for you is not as simple as it may sound. If you are a woman who has ever been to a ski shop looking for the perfect ski and the salesperson convincing you to buy from the women ski section only, you know the feeling. While women ski may sound exclusively for gals, may such skis do not have the length that most of the pro female skiers want – hence the popularity of unisex skis.

But not all female skiers want length – most of them want their skis to be relatively shorter so they can easily handle them on the slopes. It is not because women cannot handle longer skis – it is because the long ski skis are not in proportion with their height. The general height of a female skier is relatively less than that of a male skier.

Whether you are a woman or a man, in order to choose the perfect ski for yourself, you need to consider the following factors:

  • Type and structure of your body.
  • Your skiing style.
  • The ski bindings.

Many unisex skis keep in mind the above factors and work to eliminate the extreme readings of both men and women’s weight, height and other stats. This way, they come up with a ski that may be slightly different from the traditional Nordic ski in terms of length and weight, but many skiers – both male and female – find them better than the conventional ones.

Let us have a detailed look into each of the above-mentioned factors.

Body Type

It is not a hidden fact that the general weight and body structure of the two genders are quite different. Female skiers generally have less weight than men and their center of gravity and power generating from the body while skiing is from a different area than men (more on this later).

If a woman skier wants to flex her ski in the same manner as a man around 200 pounds does, the ski needs to weigh a bit lighter. For this reason, the ski manufacturers of women skis often thin out the metal or remove it completely. The ski manufacturers may also change the dimensions of the skis to make sure women get the most grip, comfort, and angle out of their skis.

Skiing Style

The cross country skiing style of male and female skiers is also different and for this reason, many women who go exclusively for woman ski equipment find that those help them in skiing.

It is also about the ramp angle as women’s center of gravity while skiing is different than that of men’s. When a woman skier is on the slope, the center of gravity is usually their hips, while for men, it is in their chest region.

That is the reason why some ski manufacturers add a bit of ramp angle on the ski to adjust. As a result, the women ski’s center of gravity is slightly moved forward. If you have noticed some ski manufacturers attaching the ski bindings a centimeter ahead, this is the same reason why they do that – in order to get the same angle effect on the gear.


Ski bindings are very important, to say the least, as they provide you with the comfort to ski while giving you a proper grip, making sure your feet do not dangle when you are on the slopes.

Women skis have special ski bindings that are different than the bindings that men use. The shoe sizes of men are different from the women range of shoe sizes. Now there are exceptions with women having large feet or men with a petite structure, but generally women shoe sizes are always smaller than their male skiing counterpart.

If you go for women ski bindings, you would understand that these bindings have different high backs as well as dimensions as these are exclusively designed for women’s cross country ski boots and calves.

To choose the right bindings, make sure your heel has a snug fit in the binding and you are able to flex your boot but the binding should not sway it away. The ski bindings should have a comfortable grip on your cross country ski boots without providing you with unnecessary play.


The concept of “shrink it and pink it” to sell women ski do not work anymore. A woman skier needs performance and not just aesthetics. It is about their weight, structure, and preference of cross country ski length.

While female skiers have been using mens’ equipment and gear in the past, it is best to go for a unisex or a women’s ski that is exclusively designed keeping the target audience in mind. You can use a male ski and totally ace it. But if you are looking for comfort, control, grip, and enjoyment heed an expert advice – why not buy the women’s cross country ski that is specially designed and manufactured keeping you in mind?

From the six best women cross country skis that are reviewed above, which one is going to accompany you on your next cross country skiing adventure?