Cross Country Ski Jackets – Best Backcountry Jackets

Craft Men’s Sharp Jacket

Craft Men's Pursuit Pace Fuseknit Nordic Cross Snow Skiing Jacket

Swix Men's Keltten Hybrid Jacket

Craft Men’s Sharp Jacket
Craft Men's Pursuit Pace Fuseknit Nordic Cross Snow Skiing Jacket
Swix Men's Keltten Hybrid Jacket

Cross-country skiing is undoubtedly a thrilling and exciting activity and in a lot of instances, gives you the ski experience of a lifetime. If you are an explorer and would like to discover new sceneries and views that are not easily accessible by walking, then cross-country skiing can be an excellent choice for you. It also doubles up as an intense full-body ski workout, which gives you another good reason to take this type of skiing up either as a hobby or a passion.

Having said that, any skiing buff will tell you the importance of wearing the appropriate and right ski clothing and gear whilst skiing, given the physical exertion, difficult ski terrains and rapidly changing weather you can expect to encounter.

What to Wear?

With the above backdrop, any new decision to purchase cross country skiing sportswear that you plan to buy before that very exciting or challenging ski trip must be well thought out. There needs to be detailed research and a thorough and comparative review of different brands and types of XC ski jackets that are available in the market.

Nordic Skiing – Layers

Cross-country outing ought to be comfortable. To achieve this, it is recommended that you have multiple layers of light ski clothes as opposed to one thick layer of a cross country ski clothing. This ensures that the new customer gets more warmth and also provides for better flexibility during skiing. The science behind wearing several skiing layers is that there are more space and air in between your body and the outermost layer, which eventually provides your body with more insulation from cold wind/wave (bearing in mind that the body temperature goes up and down pretty quick depending on whether you are skiing uphill or downhill skiing). The flexibility is achieved by reducing or increasing the layered ski garment depending on your body temperature, whether it is high or low. As a rule of thumb, the innermost/base layer should be a tight fit followed by a full zipper fleece and finally cover by an outer layer fabric that is breathable and waterproof. This is what we describe as your classic three-layer method of layering for Nordic skiing – an absolute basic preparation for any avid skier before setting out on the adventure.

Outer Layer: Jackets – The Last Layer

The outer layer jacket forms one of the most important aspects of ski clothing. As mentioned earlier, given the ups and downs in the weather (and hence the body temperature of a skier), it is crucial to ensure that the last layer item has exceptionally good breathability quality. It is commonly stated that an outer layer made up of softshell is the ‘go-to’ choice for most skiers to deal with most of the skiing conditions. A softshell ski jacket is generally manufactured with a tightly woven material that is treated with a water-repellent solution, enhancing its durability and providing cover for the skier from rain or light snow. However, please bear in mind that a softshell ski item won’t be good for heavy rain or snow conditions. For such unexpected weather, you will need to separately pack a waterproof hardshell cross ski jacket (breathable too), which you will need to wear instantly when the weather changes.

Best Men Cross Country Ski Jacket

Buying your sports skiing gear includes, first and foremost, a cross country jacket. The options to choose for shopping are endless (whether you are purchasing it from a physical ski store or looking for options to shop online). Always keep in mind that you cannot take chances by compromising on the pricing and quality of the jacket you are looking after. After all, the whole point is to give you a comfortable and enjoyable skiing experience that you need, and at the same time ensure that you stay protected from adverse weather conditions. Here are some of the coolest jackets that we have shortlisted for you, to make your decision making a tad bit easier.

1. Craft Men’s Sharp Jacket

Craft Men's Sharp Jacket
Craft Men’s Sharp jacket is made up of imported soft fabric comprising 87% Polyester and 13% Elastane. It has a straight line zipper with a closure that fully covers your neck region.

The ski jacket is super functional as it is elastic, has a breathable back and a windproof front (VentAir wind fabric WP 8000/MVP 10,000) with mesh lining.

The jacket has solid features that are evident from its four pockets, soft and comfortable collars and reflective texture. The cuts, de-bossed panels and taped details give the ski jacket a neat and contemporary look.

There is minimum embossing of the brand logo and solid texture which makes it an elegant looking cross country jacket, which will generally appeal to any age range.

Size & Pricing

This cross country jacket is easily available in purchase stores and on the internet for a price range of $88.78 – $151.10, depending on the size and colour you opt for. The available sizes include small, medium, large, x-large, xx-large. The color options to choose from are black, maritime/white and dark grey melange/black.

2. Craft Men’s Pursuit Jacket

Craft Men's Pursuit Pace Nordic Cross Snow Skiing Jacket
Craft Men’s Pursuit Skiing Jacket is manufactured with the breathable 3L wind and water-resistant material and new Fuseknit technology, which aims to bolster this high-performance ski sportswear. This is the ideal cross country skiing jacket for you when you are cruising through the ski slopes and winter weather, which keeps you comfortable, warm and dry throughout your excursion.

This cross country jacket is designed by a Swedish manufacturer who generally understands the skiing sport the most. The jacket is well-engineered with a seamless and jacquard knitted back and undersleeves, an ergonomically-shaped collar and zippered side pockets, which are neatly hidden to give it a plain, clean and neat look.

It can be ideal pairing wear with a cross-country ski pant. The design is crafted to aid you to achieve your optimal ski performance.

The functionality of the fabric is brilliant as it doesn’t allow light rain, wind, and snow to pass through and can be your ideal outer layer or mid-layer in chilly conditions when skiing, depending on your choice of layering and weather conditions.

Size & Pricing

This contemporary jacket has an online price of $144.89 and readily available in three solid colors: asphalt black, blaze black, and tofu black.

3. Swix Men’s Keltten Hybrid Jacket

Swix Men's Keltten Hybrid Jackets
This Swix Men’s Keltten provides effective insulation to the chest area, shoulders and upper sleeves for windy and chilly weather conditions. This insulated part of the jacket is also water-resistant hence, assisting you in retaining your body’s proper normal temperature on the coldest of days.

The remainder of this hybrid jacket is made out of the pure softshell, keeping in mind performance-based activities. The material of the jacket has a great texture which is stretchable and breathable and provides moisture protection by drying swiftly. This ensures that you stay warm and comfortable throughout your outdoor activity.

The cross country skiing jacket is ideal to wear and use in those low light/heavily overcast conditions since it has reflective detailing on it, which provides for more visibility of the skier and safer too.

Size & Pricing

This cross country jacket is available on the internet for a sum of $189. It is available in varying sizes such as medium, large, x-large and xx-large. It comes in a bright and funky Olympian blue color.

Top Women Backcountry Ski Jackets

Generally, sportswomen consider multiple factors when buying a backcountry ski jacket. These would include the right warmth and protection from adverse weather, the value of the skiing product, styling and look and the general feel of the jacket with pragmatic and functional features.

Here is a batch of backcountry ski jacket that we have selected for you to consider. After all, variety is what most women need whilst shortlisting and buying Nordic ski clothes.

1. Craft Women’s Pursuit Primaloft Cross Country Skiing

Craft Women’s Pursuit Primaloft Cross Country Skiing Jacket
This Swedish manufactured cross country skiing jacket is ideal for all activity types. The puffer jacket is water repellent and has a removable hood to suit the weather and wind conditions (which can be folded and zipped conveniently). The fabric is lightweight, thermal layered microfiber which is guaranteed to provide warmth and comfort in cold, wet and chilly conditions. It has a big zippered chest pocket which is ideal for safely and securely storing and easily accessing your personal belongings while you are on the move. It is crafted to assist you in achieving high performance.

This type of product is 3″ high and 12″ wide. It has a well breathable 3L material with a front upper body padding which (along with the hood) keeps you warm and comfortable. It also has an elastic rib at the bottom with side pockets that can be closed with a zipper, making it a perfect choice for those snowy days, when you need to keep your palms warm.

It is made out of polyester fabric to keep you dry from rain and snow and act as insulation from windy weather while skiing, hence making it an ideal outer layer jacket. This cross country ski jacket pairs well with Craft’s cross country gear such as shelter gloves and skiing tights.

Size & Pricing

You may buy it around $124.98 – $144.98, and this ski jacket is available in multiple bold colors such as black, touch/black and P Jungle/Logan. There is a range of sizes available such as XS, small, medium, large and x-large for you to choose from.

2. Swix Women’s Keltten Hybrid Jacket

Swix Women's Keltten Hybrid Jackets
This cross country hybrid jacket gives you great mobility along with a super fitting and the much-needed warmth expected from a winter jacket.

It is a softshell jacket coupled with synthetic insulation which is an ideal combination for winter weather activities anywhere in the world. The panels on the side and the back of the jacket are stretchable which allows for complete mobility to the skier to enjoy, particularly during heavy physical movement such as sharp maneuvers or downhill skiing at great speed. The padded front of the jacket ensures that you keep your upper body warmth at all times and this is also ensured by the straight collars which help protect your neck from strong winds.


The jacket is no short of pockets with one zip pocket on the rear side, a media pocket and two side pockets (also zippered) which help you keep your hands warm whilst on the move. As part of its design, it also has reflective patches that are ideal for low light or heavily overcast conditions to ensure you stay visible to others and improves your safety.

The softshell fabric is applied with durable water repellent (DWR) which avoids the light rain and snow to penetrate the jacket.

Although specifically designed with cross country skiing in mind, this hybrid jacket can come in handy in other sports too such as cold-weather cycling, running outdoors or snowshoeing. Hence, this is a great multipurpose jacket that you can use and enjoy in multiple conditions and avoids the need to spend extra money on an additional one for other sports that you may be interested in.

Size & Pricing

This crossbred skiing jacket is available in multiple sizes such as x-small, small, medium and large and comes with a reasonable tag of $180.00. It is available in two different colors namely black and turquoise melange.

3. Craft Women’s Spirit Anorak Jacket

Craft Women's Spirit Anorak Jacket
This cross country jacket for ladies can easily be used for multiple purposes such as a training jacket, sportswear or a day to day wear jacket.

Spirit Fuseknit Anorak has imported woven fabrics, attention to right details and a lot of thought into its designing and making. This jacket has a three-layer softshell with brushed textured ski clothing inside at the front and seamless material at the back and sleeves which provides multiple benefits to its skier such as protection from wind, comfort and regulating the body heat. The elbow and shoulder areas have rib-knitted panels which provide improved mobility and flexibility to the wearer to enjoy.


The jacket also features a knitted hood (for additional protection and a very chic look), fairly big sized kangaroo pocket and two zipper pockets for extra and secure storage.

The negative aspect of this cross country jacket is that it has a limited size and it only comes in a single black color.

Make sure you keep yourself warm and well-protected from the extreme weather. After all the planning and excitement for the cross country ski trip, you don’t want to get sick, do you?