Cross Country Ski Trail Reports

Northwest Wisconsin Cross Country Ski Trail Reports

Enjoy our Northern Wisconsin Cross Country Ski Trail Reports. With hundreds of miles beautifully-groomed kilometers of cross country delight weaving through the woods and wilds of Northern Wisconsin, you’ll find plenty of room for exploration. Pack up the kids or rally your friends to sample everything Northern Wisconsin Skiing has to offer – from gentle trails through pine forests to technical terrain designed to test even the most dedicated Nordic skiers. Whatever your preference or your ability level, Northwest Wisconsin trails are ready for your tracks. And never forget: be prepared and pick up the best ski gears.

If there has been a report in the last 20 days it will appear below:

Drummond Ski Trails Drummond, Wis.

Report: Three inches of wet snow fell overnight, which should improve the condition of the icy tracks on the trails. I will not groom this new snow into the existing crusty surface until the temperature drops. As it is now, anything that is attempted will not result in improving the tracks that are currently there. When conditions improve, such as additional, colder snow or dropping temperatures, I’ll try setting new tracks. As it is, get out our klister or no-wax skis and enjoy warm-weather skiing.

Antler – 3.2 km, Easy; Antler Chute – 2.6 km, Easy; Boulevard – 9 km out and back, Easy; North Country Return – 9 km round trip, More difficult; Jack Rabbit – 6 km, Easy; Race Track – 4.5km, More difficult…

Trail Report: Feb 25, 2020

Last Groomed: Feb 25, 2020

MECCA Ski Trails Mercer, Wis.


Numerous loops from 2k to 8k.Total of 21k of trails, all trails groomed for classical, with skating available on 16k. Easy to moderate difficulty. Groomed 6 to 12 feet wide. 1 mile snowshoe available and working on extending another 1/2 mile….

Trail Report: Mar 01, 2020

Last Groomed: Mar 01, 2020

Mt. Ashwabay/Jerry Jolly Trail System Bayfield, Wis.

Report: Between yesterday and today, we groomed in a couple inches of new snow, making the trails to ski in very good conditions.

Beginner: Sugarbush, Cabin; Intermediate to advanced : Anchor – 4 km, Seagull – 8 km, Raven (Classic only) – 3.5 km, Jerry Jolly Trails – 12 km, Deer Path (Classic only) – 12km….

Namekagon Ski Trail Cable, Wis.

Report: Trail has been groomed and track set. Fresh snow this past week has made for excellent conditions. Come out and enjoy the great out doors! Have FUN!!!

Loops of 1.7, 2, and 3.3 km. Easy-Intermediate. Groomed Classical only…

Newman Springs Trail Park Falls, Wis.

Report: 2-18-16 – Loops A, C, D and E groomed and tracked. We received 4” of new snow and the trails are in wonderful shape. The wetland segments on C and D are filling in nicely and the groomer was able to leave some decent corduroy on the trail. There are some little rough spots on D, but C came out pretty nice. Each trail got a minimum of two passes as well to help work out any high spots and pack the snow down. The base on the trails is 8-10” and about 16” + in the woods.

11.2 km of trails. Portions of the trail have rolling terrain which provides scenic views of the area; groomed for classic only. Loop B is a snowshoe/fat bike route and is not groomed for skiing…. read more..

North End Ski Trails Cable, Wis.

Report: The North End Trail has been groomed several times since the Birkie. The skate trail is in great shape. There is a good track on about half of the trail. The balance has a shallow track as the base is too hard from Brirkie race grooming for us to get a track in. The NE Classic trail will be groomed Friday morning.

Please note that regardless of the reports, the North End Trails are groomed at least twice and often three times a week, usually before and after the weekend and often once over the weekend. The North End Classic is groomed once a week or as snowfall dictates.

The North End Classic was held on Sunday – Feb. 7, 2016. We had a great day. Thanks to everyone who came out and to our many volunteers and sponsors.

13 km, skate/classic. Intermediate North End Classic – 12 km classic only. Intermediate Tony Wise/World Cup – 6 km – Most Difficult. Trails connect to American Birkebeiner Trail and Birkie Classic Trail.. Three snowshoe trails 2 km – 6 km…. read more..

Rib Lake Ski & Snowshoe Trails Rib Lake, Wis.

Report: We have fabricated new receivers hitch and extension bracket for the Ginzu. The electrical connection was lengthened and fits perfectly to the outlet on the Gator. Thanks to Bill! We had received 1″ of new snow last week some time and we chose not to groom. But yesterday 3/1/2016 Mike groomed the entire system with the new Gator, Ginzu and the trail conditions are excellent. With the wider foot print it really helps to pack the snow on the outside edges. This will improve the poling for the classic skiers. Skiing forecast for this weekend is excellent. It might be a little warm but the trail will be in excellent spring condition. Even thou Nine Mile announced that there trail systems are closed please let everyone know that Rib Lake area Is not only open put the trail conditions are excellent this week and weekend. We will have to make a decision next week after we see what happens with this next warm front. Scot Bromann

Two-mile beginner’s loop. 30 km of diverse trails….

Round Lake Trail Fifield, Wis.

Report: The snow is starting to give us a good base, and the woods are nice and quiet this time of year. Trail C (on west side of Round Lake) and the interpretive loop have been getting decent use by snowshoes and the trail is pretty well packed.

A hike of up to 15 km/9.3 miles is possible….

Timberland Hills Cumberland, Wis.

Report: We have been out grooming – new tracks and skate lanes have been set on most of the system, with the exception of the Corkscrew Trail and the Outer Loop from the Ridge Run intersection to the Corkscrew intersection. Conditions are pretty good but be aware that conditions will continue to change as the temperature fluctuates.

24 km. of trails. Rolling to hilly. Groomed for skating and classical. 2.5 km of lighted trail…. read more..

Timms Hill Trail Ogema, Wis.

Report: The trail has refrozen after the warm weekend. I groomed tonight with the leveling drag to breakup the frozen bumps and smooth out the trail. It’s not “pretty”, but it turns an icy trail into a ski-able surface. I did not set tracks. The forecast is for 20’s this week, 30’s this weekend, and 40’s & 50’s next week, with very little snow. They’ve started preparing to collect maple syrup just north of the county line at Mile 2.5. There’s a big mess at the top of the hill, but after that the rest of the downhill isn’t too bad. I smoothed it out a little bit tonight, but there’s not much loose snow to work with. Ski carefully!

12km of trail groomed for skate and classic skiing that connects the Rib Lake Ski & Snowshoe Trails near Rib Lake, WI to the Highpoint Ski Trails at Timm’s Hill near Ogema, WI. From the south end, the first 3 miles of the trail start out fair…

Wintergreen Trail Fifield, Wis.

Report: 2-17-16 – A, B, C, D, Shortcut and Kiddie groomed and tracked. With the recent warm up and rain the trails are deteriorating. There are some pine needles and small twigs on the trails from high winds as well. It was also reported that someone walked on the classic track when it was soft on all of Loop A, Kiddie, and part of B, thus making it unusable for classic skiers. If we get sufficient new snow the trails will be groomed again. Base on the trails is 8” and about 14+” in the woods. Questions or comments on the trails can be sent to Brady Howe at 715-762-5104 or [email protected]

7.6km – Gentle enough for the intermediate skill level, yet challenges the experienced. All loops groomed for classic. B loop groomed for skating and classic….