5 Best Apps for Cross-Country Skiing That Are Actually Useful

If you want to get the most out of your cross-country skiing adventure, then opting for a specific application for the sport is your best bet.

5 Best Cross-Country Skiing Apps

We’ve brought you five useful applications to make your cross-country skiing adventure more fun. Choose the app most suited to your needs and enjoy your Nordic skiing tour to the fullest.

1. Madshus eMpower 2

Madshus eMpower is designed for cross-country skiing fanatics. It works ideally with a radio-frequency identification chip (RFID) in Madshus ski construction. The app is one of the best for Nordic skiers and allows them to choose a ski with the ideal features and good grind easily.

The eMpower 2 application is free for Android and iPhone users, making it an ideal choice. You can manage your track workouts, customize your performance, and engage with other users online through this app. Some fantastic functions of this application include the following:

  • digital waxing assistant,
  • workout diary,
  • social media,
  • know-how,
  • and ski quiver management.

With the help of a digital waxing assistant, you can figure out the ideal length of the wax zone depending on the weather, your biometrical data, and the type of wax available. This feature is suitable for both beginners and professionals. Moreover, you can add personal data to make recording your workout more convenient and connect the app to Twitter and Facebook.


2. Skiwise – For Cross Country Skiers

Skiwise, as the name suggests, is another app ideal for cross-country skiers. This application is great to find new xcs trails and stay updated on their conditions. With the help of Skiwise, you can spend less time wondering what the weather will be like, finding trails, or figuring out the best way to wax your ski board.

This app shows you the latest trail reports submitted by experienced skiers. It also has a discussion forum with around 7000 skiers. You get a push notification with alerts for trail reports as soon as a skier uploads one.

The app also features map search to help you discover new trails in the area. It is also free, so the only question that remains is, what are you waiting for?


3. Cross-Country Skiing Technique

The Cross-Country Skiing Technique application is ideal for beginners. It comes with instructional videos from the Swiss national team, where they teach you classic skate techniques in slow motion.

You can learn precisely how to execute each step.

In addition, you do not need to be online to view these videos. Simply download them on your phone, and you can play them without an internet connection. Moreover, the app contains a detailed insight into all the latest skiing techniques with explanations, making it convenient to learn about the movements.

Cross-Country Skiing Technique

4. Nordic Pulse

Nordic Pulse is another exceptionally well-designed application that is a true game-changer for the cross-country skier community. It is easy to use and provides reliable information on different platforms, such as Android and iOS.

This application creates a trail grooming report system and updates them directly on your phone so that you can stay well-informed and safe before and during your cross-country skiing adventures.

With the help of this application, you can decide when and where you should go skiing and get grooming details, analytics, reports, etc., all on your phone. Its latest upcoming update for iOS and Android will include XC ski trail directions, GPS location, push notifications, waxing information, offline maps, and more.


5. Back Country Workout

If you want to stay updated on your skiing exercises and record calories burned during your cross-country skiing, this application is perfect for you.

Back Country Workout allows you to view the time of each workout along with the elevation profile of each kilometer, ensuring a complete insight into your skiing adventure.

Since the app works on Apple Watch, it is well-integrated with Apple Health. It also synchronizes with Strava and provides heart rate data, which can be helpful for healthcare use. This application displays all relevant workout data, making it stand out.