Best Kids Cross-Country Ski Boots of 2024

Putting on the perfect pair of ski boots is necessary to have improved expertise and a pleasurable skiing experience, especially in the case of children. Here, you can check out some of the best kids cross-country ski boots to make a well-informed purchase.

8 Best Cross-Country Ski Boots for Kids

1. Madshus Metis S Skate Cross-Country Ski Boots for Kids

These boots are made with PU leather, so they are well-suited even for colder weather. Furthermore, the PU lace cover keeps the child’s feet warm and comfortable. If we talk about the fit, the boots sit nicely around the feet, and my kid could maneuver the skis with complete control.

Two things the kids always complained about were the extra thick tongue and rigid ankle cuff. According to claims, the thickness of the tongue was aimed to upgrade the thermal properties of the boots. However, this padding somewhat affected breathability and caused the kids’ feet to sweat at times.

Moreover, the ankle cuff could be better since it does not conform to a kid’s pressure points as it should. In the beginning, the cuff feels alright but can be uncomfortable for kids during a day-long skiing tour.

2. Rossignol Comp J Kids Race Cross-Country Ski Boots

Rossignol Comp J4 Ski Boots Kid's Sz 5.5 (23.5) Black

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These boots include a mobile cuff that provides kids firm ankle support while their foot advances or kicks. The kicking action is further comforted by the low-profile outsole that enables the forefoot to exert the required pressure.

These boots have something special for novice skiers who are not experts at maintaining their stability on the skis. Thanks to the central insert cleats, they glide the skis confidently and deliver their best performance.

After a couple of loops, kids wish if something were available at the heel collar to help getting the boots on/off, but this is merely an opinion rather than a deal-breaking drawback.

3. Fischer XJ Sprint Junior Cross-Country Ski Boots

Each time we go out to our favorite Nordic ski center, I see how the kids do in these boots. They have a comfort guard, which ensures optimum insulation. One thing that I must specially mention is the zipper upper covering the laces. It prevents snow from accumulating in the eyelets and gradually making its way into the boots. This convenient and comfortable feature is something that they didn’t even notice until I asked, but it makes a huge difference.

Freedom of movement is essential for safe and enjoyable kicking and gliding, and these boots are all for it. Equipped with a soft sole, this pair of boots keep your kid’s heel and forefoot at place, allowing them to glide with maximum confidence. Also, the loops at the backside of the boots are a nice touch and makes putting on and taking off the boots easier.

Again, the size chart is a point of concern here. The size you choose will probably be small or extra tight, so it’s better that you go with one size large to stay on the safe side.

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4. Salomon RC Prolink Jr. Cross-Country Ski Boots for Kids

When buying ski boots, the most important thing to consider is how snug the fit is. In case of these boots, the adjustability of fit is up to the wearer. It features Quicklace technology in which aramid laces are used in combination with poly gliding hooks. This feature makes sure there’s no room between the boots and the skin, provided that the size is accurate. Although the material is already winter-specific, the waterproof zip cover will provide additional warmth and prevent water intrusion.

In addition, these boots have a great look! The material exhibits a reflective finish that makes these boots visible in low light, making it convenient for a kid to wear them for night skiing. These are compatible with NNN, Turnamic, and Prolink bindings. They are PVC-free, making them eco-friendly.

Using these boots for skate skiing is not recommended as they don’t feel comfortable when gliding sideways. However, they perform very well in classic cross-country skiing.

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5. Madshus Nano Carbon Skate Cross-Country Ski Boots for Kids

Created with impressive craftsmanship, this pair of boots is a wonderful pick for skate cross-country skiing. With these boots on, I always notice constant improvements in the kids’ gliding capabilities. The credit goes to the Power Base heel counter, which supports the ankle, and the Rottafella Xlerator outsole, which eases the forefoot movement so that they can steer the skis effortlessly.

The MemBrain Shoftshell lace cover keeps feet perfectly warm. Without the lace cover, these shoes might not keep up with the insulation requirements. The tongue manufactured in the style of the torsion box also adds to the snug fit.

In my opinion, every parent should invest in these boots for junior skiers to practice new and challenging techniques.

6. Alpina T Kids Cross-Country Ski Boots

These boots are a must-have for kids learning classic cross-country skiing. The footbeds embedded in the boots allow maximum foot movement, which is imperative for consistent lateral striding. Compared to other boots of the same category, these served the purpose in their truest sense.

Soft flex and velcro straps also benefited kids in acquiring the desired fit. The combination of thinsulate technology which insulates the boots, and 4DRY fleece liners, which absorb sweat from the feet to maintain their temperature, is something I really appreciate.

These boots are a bit heavy, which some kids don’t like, but the features and performance make it one of our favorite.

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7. WHITEWOODS Junior 302 NNN Nordic Cross Country Ski Boots

When my kid was new to skiing, the search for a balance between insulation and breathability in ski boots kept me engaged for a long time. Finally, I got these boots in which the upper is made from dintex fabric, and the lining incorporates Thinsulate technology.

The fabric is windproof, waterproof, and breathable and keeps my kid’s feet fresh and protected. A removable insole, steel shank, and midsole are also available in these boots.

In a nutshell, these shoes support a kid’s arch and heel and keep them safe during impacts. You can’t go wrong with these boots when it comes to long cross-country skiing sessions.

8. Rossignol X-1 Junior – Kids Cross-Country Ski Boots

ROSSIGNOL X1 JR Nordic Boot, Size: 330 (RIHW600-330)

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Providing comfort is the ultimate purpose of ski boots, and this particular pair deserves an award for this job. The PVC heel and cuff made it more comfortable for my child to kick, stride laterally, and wear the boots during a long skiing session. What he likes the most are the easy-to-access laces that enable him to get the right fit.

The construction, design, and choice of material (polyurethane) are best-suited for the conditions of nordic skiing and keep my kid well insulated throughout the day. You can pair these boots with NNN, IFP, Prolink, and Turnamic bindings and personally experience the fit, warmth, and quality.

As a tip, I would recommend you try these boots to get the right fit since the size chart is quite misleading. The size I ordered for my child was very tight, so I had to ask for a replacement with one size bigger than what he usually wears. Other than that, I found no flaws in these boots.