What Do I Need for Night Skiing?

Skiing is one of the most enthusiasm-filled sports on the planet. Night skiing takes that enthusiasm and takes it up a level as you zoom your way through cross-country ski trails under the starry sky. The adventure may sound fun but not being prepared for it can make an otherwise excellent trip bitter.

Essential Night Skiing Equipment

When heading out to ski at night, there are a few things that are absolutely necessary and cannot be forgotten. We’ll go even as far as to say that forgetting them can make your experience a nightmare. Essential night skiing equipment includes:

Goggles with Clear Lenses

Always take goggles with you when you head out to ski. They keep the dirt, snow, and debris out while making sure the chilly wind doesn’t affect your vision.

Donning tinted goggles is not recommended as tint absorbs light, and there is already very little of it at night. So a tinted pair can actually hamper the vision and make things less visible. Clear lenses are the way to go for nighttime skiing. If clear lens goggles are not available, the next best alternative is a pair with the most minimal tint.

Of course, going without a pair is not recommended because the debris and chilly air can affect the skin and vision.

Headlamp and Extra Batteries

Skiing in the night can be like finding your way across a room with the lights off. However, having a headlamp can make things much easier. Make sure you don’t forget to take some extra batteries along, as headlamps can run batteries down pretty quickly. The headlamp will illuminate the area in front of you so you can maneuver your way around the course before you crash.

Keeping things illuminated is important as an accident on the open field can be dangerous. And if you are on your own, even a small accident can prove hazardous.

Extra Layer of Clothes

Skiing is associated with cold temperatures, and you need to be prepared for it in order to enjoy it to the fullest. The warmer you are, the more you will enjoy. After all, no one wants to feel all wet and shivering while going through one of the best nights of their life. It is undoubtedly a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and wearing an extra layer of clothes to keep the weather elements out will go a long way in dealing with the more than 15-degree fall in temperature.

The chill is not the only thing you have to worry about. The swooshing cold wind as you zoom across the trail will also send chills down your spine if you don’t prepare yourself for it. Add in a few extras, like a hat or cap, padded gloves, and thermal ski socks and undergarments, and we guarantee you will enjoy skiing to the fullest under the starry sky.

Wool base layers also go a long way in keeping the body heat trapped, making sure your body has ample heat.

Warm Beverage

Skiing in the night can get chilly, and what’s better than a warm beverage that can warm the body in an instant? You can carry all kinds of beverages in your sports drink bottle. You can use either an alcoholic or a warm non-alcoholic beverage that will instantly take the temperatures up a notch while also helping with the all-important oomph.

My Favorite Goggles: ZIONOR Lagopus Ski Goggles with Black Frame Clear Lens

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The ZIONOR Lagopus Ski Goggles offer a comfortable wearing experience throughout your cross-country skiing adventures. The goggles sport excellent ventilation on top and bottom to handle the sweat and to keep the skin well-ventilated. This comes in handy as cross-country skiing can get you exhausted and sweaty. It also has thick padding that adds to the overall comfort.

If you’re heading out for cross-country skiing and are worried about your spectacles, the ZIONOR Lagopus goggles have your back. They don’t interfere with your eyeglasses and offer premium UV protection, making sure you make the most of your cross-country skiing adventure, be it daytime or nighttime.

Cross-country skiing can become a bit tricky if your lenses become blurry. Thankfully, the anti-fog lenses and superior-scratch protection have you covered. These goggles are made with you and your skiing experience in mind, so they can take a beating and can easily handle minor scuffs and scratches.

Skiing your way through the countryside means that you probably won’t know the trail very well unless you frequent it quite often. Wearing protection other than goggles will keep you safe. The ZIONOR straps are also long and sit comfortably around almost all helmet types. The minimalist frame makes sure your spectacles and vision are not messed up.

Meanwhile, the spongy cushioning keep your face safe. Moreover, there is ample ventilation on the goggles so you won’t sweat while wearing them. Not having enough ventilation can cause the build-up of sweat and can be suffocating during cross-country skiing.

All these add up to provide a premium goggle experience for you, be it night or day. During the daytime, the goggles will keep you safe from the UV rays, and during the night, they will aid your sight by keeping the dirt, snow, and debris out of your face.

Cross-country skiing can be treacherous, but the ZIONOR Lagopus ski goggles make sure you are prepared for the unknown so you can enjoy your skiing adventures to the fullest without worrying about the cold wind, snow, or debris that can hamper your vision.

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Why is Night Skiing Fun?

There are a number of things that make night skiing fun. These include:

Costs Less

Skiing is a great sport, and skiing at night triples the fun while delivering the best bang for your buck. Even the best resorts charge a lot less at night than what they charge during the day.

Less Crowd

Apart from the monetary savings, the slopes are not that crowded during the night, so much so that in some places, you can have the trail to yourself. It’s a fun adventure on snowy slopes through the dark blanket of the night. The skiers don’t have to wait in long lines and get twice the runs. Not only does skiing in the night save time, but you also get to enjoy things to the fullest during your time on the trail.

Improves Your Skiing Skills

Night skiing will enhance almost all of your skiing skills. With less light and less visual information for your brain to rely on, you will adjust your movements, your balance to rely on all the other senses. You will feel more of the little bumps and changes of terrain, while also improving your reaction time in case of any unexpected objects (or people) coming your way. All this nighttime experience will make you a better skier even in daytime.

Starry Nights

To top it all off, there is nothing more soothing and exhilarating than cruising under the starry sky in the night. Enjoying your way on a trail through the thick snow and chilly nights will definitely make memories that you’ll keep forever.

night skiing

Night-time on the ski track is heaven on earth for those who love the sport. They enjoy the sport to the fullest, without having to worry about the usual quirks and hurdles. Even for those who are not hardcore lovers of skiing, the experience is unlike anything that one can experience.

Night Skiing Tips for Beginners

If it’s your first time skiing at night, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are some things that will make your night-time adventure all the more memorable.

Prepare for Colder Temperatures

Don’t be fooled by the warmth of the day. As soon as the sun goes down, the temperatures can fall by as much as 15-degrees Celsius. It keeps getting colder and colder during the night, and if you are not prepared for the cold, it can leave you shivering.

It’s good to have a face cover and some warm layers that will keep you protected on your cold adventures. It is also a good idea to keep a layer of insulation and some warm beverages to keep things under control. Preparing yourself mentally is the first step towards a great experience.

Bring a Friend

What’s better than a ski experience? Well, a ski experience with a great friend! The falling mercury tends to make the trail a bit treacherous. Having a friend alongside you can make the experience even more fun. Falling temperatures can also mess with visibility. This once-in-a-lifetime experience is one that everyone should try at least once. The smaller crowds, shorter line-ups, and the money savings will make the experience with your friend much more fun.

Use Headlamps or Clear Lens Goggles

Using tinted goggles is not recommended; there is no sun, so using clear lens goggles is the best thing. If you cannot get your hands on a clear lens one, then use a pair that has the least tint.

A strong tint will not help with the vision on the trail during the night. You will be using light to see in the dark, and the strong yellow tint ones will filter it out, making it more difficult to see around in the dark.

10 Popular Nordic Centers for Night Skiing

If you’re looking to experience skiing under the starry sky, here are the top most popular night skiing cross-country ski areas that you can visit.

cross country night skiing

All of these offer great trails and promise an unforgettable experience through the snowy tracks. Most of these Nordic centers offer skiing adventures during the winter months and hiking adventures during the summer ones.

  • Bolton Valley, Vermont: The Bolton Valley Resort offers vast 60-mile long trails that attract cross-country skiers. The 1500 acres of superb backcountry terrain is a skier’s paradise. You can enjoy the starry night-time skiing adventure by getting the night ticket between 1600 and 2200.
  • Nordic Heritage Center, Maine: The Nordic Heritage Center has long trails that measure over 20 km. These cater to the needs of all kinds of sportsmen, be they beginner or advanced users. You can get access to the night-time ticket between 1630 and 2030 hrs and enjoy your cross-country skiing adventure under the starry sky.
  • Weston Ski Track, Massachusetts: Just outside of Boston, the Weston Ski Track is a great getaway point to enjoy the snowy trails and the starry sky. Some trails are lighted and offer a reliable and safe night skiing experience. The track is accessible till 2100 hrs.
  • Standing Rocks Park, Wisconsin: The starry trails at the Standing Rocks Park, Wisconsin, are accessible till 2100 hrs and offer an approximately 15 km long run of trails that range from beginner to advanced. They are adding lights to the trails little by little to improve the overall experience during night skiing.
  • Kettle Moraine State Forest – Lapham Peak, Wisconsin: The Kettle Moraine State Forest area, around the Lapham Peak, offers a four-kilometer stretch lighted for night-time skiing. The whole area has trails that cover more than 17.2 miles. The trails are accessible till 2100 hrs, but the trail lights are not in operation on Sunday evenings.
  • Sundance Nordic Center, Utah: The Sundance Nordic Center Utah offers more than 15 kilometers of cross-country trails that are suited to people of different skills and experiences. The night skiing pass is good between 1630 hrs and 2100 hrs.
  • Ruby’s Inn at Bryce Canyon, Utah: Another great option around Utah is the Ruby’s Inn at Bryce Canyon, where you can experience the vast wilderness between 0800 and 2000 hrs. The trails over there are of all kinds where the administration leaves out some trails for you to experience the natural snow buildup.
  • Devil’s Thumb Ranch, Colorado: If you are looking for a more refined and vast field around Colorado, the Devil Thumb Ranch offers more than 120 km of trails for you to experience. There are some stretches of lighted tracks, too, where the skiing experience is a bit more refined.
  • Summit Nordic Center at Snoqualmie, Washington: Accessible between 1600 and 2200 hrs, this is one of the finest skiing spots you’ll find around Washington. The area is a refined skiing field where you can ski freely under the vast starry sky and make your skiing adventure all the more memorable.
  • Hyland Lake Park Reserve, Minnesota: With more than a thousand acres of vast snowy fields waiting for you, Hyland Lake Park is one of the best skiing spots in the world and will not disappoint you with its refined trails and fun tracks. You can clock in as early as 0500 in the morning, and your night skiing can continue till 2200 hrs.


Night skiing is undoubtedly a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and skiers call it a heaven-like experience. Everyone must give it a try at least once. Be sure to pack all the necessary stuff to make unforgettable memories for a lifetime!