Fat Bike Friendly Trails

Northwest Wisconsin Fat Bike Friendly Trails

Give it a try and have fun on the Fat Bike Friendly Trails or Northern Wisconsin!

Fat bikes on selected trails in Northwest Wisconsin!

Fat bikes are specially made bicycles that accommodate ultra-wide tires that can be run at very low pressure. The combination of very wide tires and less than ten pounds of pressure allows fat bikes to roll over soft, slippery surfaces like snow.

Below is a list of Northern Wisconsin fatbike trails.

Afterhours/Brule River State Forest Ski Trails Brule, Wis.

Entry Loop-1.5km - Easy; Oak Trail; 3.5km - Easy; River Trail-2.3 km - Intermediate; Spruce Trail-1 km - Intermediate; White Pine Trail - 4.2 - Intermediate. Snowshoeing permitted on snowshoe trail and backcountry.... read more..

Hayward Hospital Ski Trails Hayward, Wis.

2km loop, 3km loop, Lake loop.... read more..

Heartwood Conference Center and Retreat Trails Trego, Wis.

A wide range of trails with a good variety of degree of difficulty and distance.... read more..

Mt. Ashwabay/Jerry Jolly Trail System Bayfield, Wis.

Beginner: Sugarbush, Cabin; Intermediate to advanced : Anchor - 4 km, Seagull - 8 km, Raven (Classic only) - 3.5 km, Jerry Jolly Trails - 12 km, Deer Path (Classic only) - 12km.... read more..

Snowshoe Trails

Newman Springs Trail Park Falls, Wis.

11.2 km of trails. Portions of the trail have rolling terrain which provides scenic views of the area; groomed for classic only. Loop B is a snowshoe/fat bike route and is not groomed for skiing.... read more..

Round Lake Trail Fifield, Wis.

A hike of up to 15 km/9.3 miles is possible.... read more..

Snowshoe Trails

Seeley Ski Trail Seeley, Wis.

7.5 and 5 km loops/Skating and Classic... read more..

Sisters Farm Trails Ladysmith, Wis

Connecting loops of about 7 K on each side of Sisters Farm Road. Classical and snow bikes on the West side; classical and skate skiing on the East side. Snowshoeing allowed on all trails, including the six and a half mile groomed Fat bike loop. A... read more..

Spooner City Trail Spooner, Wis.

6 km. of beginner, intermediate, and advanced trails.... read more..

Tomahawk Lake Ski Trail Barnes, Wis.

Blue Loop - 2.7 km - Easy; Yellow Loop - 7 km, More difficult (with a shortcut 4 km). Classic skiing only.... read more..

Wintergreen Trail Fifield, Wis.

7.6km - Gentle enough for the intermediate skill level, yet challenges the experienced. All loops groomed for classic. B loop groomed for skating and classic.... read more..

Snowshoe Trails

Wolverine Nordic Trails Ironwood, Mich.

27 km of skate and classic trails from easy to most difficult.... read more..

Snowshoe Trails


Snow Bike Rules of the Trail

  • Snow bike riding – Only on designated Nordic trails
  • Bikes – Should yield right away at all intersections
  • Snow bike riders – Should let track set–up until 10:00am on morning in which the track is groomed
  • Snow bike lane – Ride to left of classic track/yield to all skiers. Stay to right side of trail around corners and for oncoming skiers
  • Trails – Do not ride in soft conditions. Hard packed conditions on Wisconsin fatbike trails with 2" new snow is ok, more than 2″ (you can’t climb or descend very well). In a Wisconsin snow cycle 12" or more with freshly groomed trails can be too soft. If you leave a rut, it’s too soft
  • Snow bikes only on trails, tires must be 3.7" or larger
  • Tire pressure will often be less than 10 PSI. Enough float so you can travel over snow without leaving a tire print deeper than one inch
  • Ride on the packed and firmest part of the track (do not ride in soft conditions).
  • If there is not enough snow, take a "time out". Riding on trails that are freezing and thawing (without snow coverage), can damage the trails.
  • Be an ambassador for the sport: Be polite, educate other riders, and follow the rules.

Thank you, be safe, and have fun!!

Fat Bike Friendly Ski Trails