10 Best Skate Ski Boots of 2023 – Comfortable and Snug Skate Skiing

The first and foremost thing you need to get for skate skiing is a perfect-fitting pair of skate ski boots. These are our favorites.

Best Skate Ski Boots

1. Salomon RS8 Prolink Skate Ski Boots

Salomon RS8 Prolink Mens XC Ski Boots Sz 12
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The Salomon RS8 Prolink Skate Ski boots efficiently balance between comfort and performance. These ski boots have a 3D carbon frame; for an accurate amount of pressure to keep your feet in place and comfortable. This hinged cuff is new and was absent in RS7 and other boots.

The shoe’s heel cup provides excellent grip, and the boots support NNN unisex.

If you are looking for ski boots with a tight grip and energy push but are not ready to compromise on your comfort, these are the boots you need.

2. Salomon RS10 Nocturne Skate Ski Boots – Men’s and Women’s

Salomon has brought together all its premium features to launch the RS10 Nocturne skate ski boots. They provide a reliable edge grip, faultless stability, and the smoothest finish for perfect gliding.

It has a 3D plastic frame for the best power push, which resists torsion extended to the forefoot and provides maximum stability and efficient energy transfer. The inside of the shoes has a microfleece lining to keep your feet warm and cozy. This feature was absent in RS8. Salomon RS10 is also made with a central waterproof zip lining to protect your feet from the snow.

These boots have Nocturne reflective elements in the front and back, which reflect light from headlamps, etc. This is a one-of-a-kind feature not seen in most other skate ski boots. If you plan on going night skate skiing, these boosts are a must-have.

These are NNN compatible and perfect for both men and women.

3. Rossignol X-Ium Skate Men’s XC Ski Boots

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The Rossignol X-Ium Skate XC Ski Boots are designed for competitive athletes. Its cutting-edge design includes carbon soles from heel to toe. This carbon plate makes the boots stiffer than the Salomon RS8. Even with all these qualities, the X-Ium skates are lighter than Salomon’s skate ski boots. There is a neoprene sock sole inside the boots that keeps the moisture out. These insoles provide insulation to keep your feet warm, reduce friction, and enhance your overall skiing experience. The fit of this shoe is purpose-built to fit any foot shape and size, giving you the energy power push you need for skate skiing.

These shoes have Thermo adjustable liners for customized grip and comfort like the Salomon boots but with improved features. These ski boots are compatible with New Nordic Norm and are an excellent choice for men.

4. Rossignol X-8 Skate XC Ski Boots – Men’s and Women’s

The Rossignol X5 skate boots have the X-Ium technology with added features for better performance. These boots have a low profile with thermally flexible soles. The dual-core technology provides precise stiffness with a dynamic feel, which was not seen in previous Rossignol and Salomon boots.

The sole of these boots has unique Tech grip technology, which allows you to walk easily with complete control and comfort.

Micro-perforated cloth for temperature regulation keeps your feet warm and prevents moisture build-up. The Rossignol X8 skate ski boots have softer cuffs than the RS8 and RS10. Another feature these boots have is the speed lace locks for fast closure and a better fit. Like all other Rossignol ski boots, the X8; also has an NNN system. These boots are unisex.

5. Fischer Carbonlite Skate Boots 2022 – Men’s and Women’s

Fischer is known for high-quality skate ski boots with a comfortable and warm fit. Their Carbonlite boots have a carbon shell casing around them with a hinged attachment.

This unique feature improves the quality of these boots compared to the X8 skates. This carbon film enhances stability and performance. The boots are very lightweight like the X-Ium ones, so they transfer power efficiently.

Rossignol X8 has a dual protective membrane, but Fischer boots have a triple F membrane to keep your feet warm and dry. The unique selling point of these skates is the anti-odor technology.

This was not in any Salomon or Rossignol boots. The cuff adjustments allow you to tighten your skates according to your best fit. To give you a mighty push, these boots have a stiff sole. They are available for men and women and compatible with the New Nordic Norm.

6. Fischer RC Skate WS Nordic Boots – Women’s

Fischer Women's RC Skate Durable Weatherproof Warm Stable Nordic Ski Boots with Insulation & Fleece Lining, Black/White, 41
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The Fischer RC Skate WS cross-country ski boots for women have a warm layer of polyester insulation to keep feet stable and comfortable on Nordic trails. They are made with a narrow heel fit specifically designed for smaller feet.

These boots also have a waterproof lining. The triple F membrane keeps your feet dry even during heavy snowfall. Like all other Fischer skate ski boots, these too have speed lock lacing, Thermo fit sole for a tight grip, and NNN compatibility.

  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE - The RC Skate WS combines solid performance in a women's fit option; Skiers will appreciate the Easy Entry Loops and Speed Lock lacing for easy entry and a secure fit; The fastening element for cuffs and instep straps, easy to handle and adjust
  • TOP-QUALITY MATERIALS - The RC Skate Boots feature very lightweight, water-repelling insulation material for additional thermal protection in the forefoot and toe area; The flat sole enables a longer gliding phase through easier balance, flex grooves and soft sole flex support the smooth kick …

7. Atomic Pro S2 Skate Boots

The Atomic Pro S2 skate ski boots balance speed, flexibility, and convenience for energetic and aspiring skiers.

The upper cuff is made with breathable material to allow airflow, making it softer than Rossignol X8 and Fischer RC skate ski boots. Unlike the previous products, the Atomic Pro S2 has live fit zones to keep your feet stable and comfy.

The outer sole of the boots is made from rigid plastic for efficient power push. This is much stiffer than X-lum skates. The outsoles of Atomic pro s2 are compatible with NNN. These shoes are made to fit and provide the best grip for your feet. The only setback is that these boots are not available for women.

8. Atomic Redster S7 Skate Boots

Atomic Redster S7 Skate Boot - 2023 Black, US 10.0/UK 9.5
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Atomic Redster S7 skate boots are cross country skate ski boots made with durable material and designed to last for years. The heel pad is made from hard-injected material. Despite this, the Atomic Redster S7 is more flexible than any other ski boots due to the 360-degree velcro strap and split cuff. These boots are made for racing.

A unique feature of these skate boots is the Atomic Air control feature; two membranes combined to make the boots waterproof and breathable. Redster S7s are compatible with any two rail bindings (NNN). These are also unavailable for women.

  • Upper Material: ripstop, Surfstretch, AAC coating
  • Last Width: Race Fit
  • Binding Compatibility: all 2-rail bindings
  • Closure: nylon flat lace, 3D Race System
  • Sole Material: Prolink Race SK

9. Alpina Comp Skate Nordic Race Boot – Unisex

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These boots have an all-rounder design for intense training and racing.

The comp skate nordic race boots have a rigid outsole stiffer than the X8 carbon outsole attached to the plastic heel counter. This gives the shoe stability and maximizes the power output required for the perfect kick in skiing.

The inner sole is soft to support your feet and enhance your balance through the roughest paths. Alpina skate ski boots are launched with a 4Dry membrane making them waterproof and breathable. They are also NNN compatible.

All these qualities add up to providing racers with an excellent performance along with maximum comfort and support for men and women.

10. Madshus Endurace Skate Ski Boots

The Madshus Endurace Skate Ski Boots are one of the most comfortable fitting skate boots for training and racing with a fleece lining to keep moisture away. These boots have injected soles which makes them soft and comfortable on the heels.

Unlike the other skate ski boots, these have RevoWrap lacing technology that keeps your feet in place. Atomic SR had velcro straps but was PVC, whereas Madshush is PVC-free with improved lacing straps.

How to Choose Skate Ski Boots?


To make the most out of your skate skiing experience, make sure to buy the best fitting ski boots for added comfort. Before investing in a pair, make sure to go through all your options and pick boots according to your skiing level. Never buy a pair without trying them on first. The best skate ski boots should be comfy like running shoes and tight like alpine ski boots.


How to Fit Skate Ski Boots?

  • Fit your feet inside the ski boots after unlocking them and stand up so your feet can slide in.
  • When you feel the tip of the shoe, put some pressure on your heels to fit them perfectly in the heel cup.
  • Start buckling your shoes from the top lightly.
  • Bend your toes to make sure your feet touch the sole properly.
  • Once you can feel everything is in place, buckle up the shoe just tight enough to keep your feet in place.
  • Please make sure not to tie up too tight, or it may hurt your feet.

Ankle Support

Having an ankle injury is common in skate skiing. These ankle injuries are due to loose-fitting skate ski boots. To avoid any mishaps, make sure to choose boots that fit you perfectly and have a higher upper to protect the ankle.

Stiff Soles

If you are at a beginner’s level, you should be very careful while choosing skate ski boots. Skate ski boots with stiff soles have high quality and last longer—the stiffer the sole, the better the grip.