The Best Ski Travel Insurances for a Cross-Country Ski Holiday

Safety is one of the most essential factors if one decides to take up any winter sports, and cross-country skiing is no different. From choosing the appropriate clothing for cold weather and snow to making up your mind about a destination, you will definitely minimize risks that could occur during your long awaited ski holiday.

However, even in midst of all precautions, accidents, mishaps do happen and they could completely ruin one’s holiday if not thinking ahead. This is why you might want to consider taking out a special ski insurance whether it be a US or an international destination you choose.

If you think that your general annual travel policy will do, then take a look at the fine print again. Most general travel insurances won’t cover situations that involve winter sports, let alone cross-country or backcountry skiing. Accidents you would normally not want to think of might require rescues costing thousands of dollars that are not covered by a general policy.

Now we have compiled a list of some of the best special ski insurances that are suitable to cross-country skiers as well.

Please, note that the following article is only brief summary of some of the available schemes. It does not include all terms, conditions and exclusions of the plans. You are advised to check the actual website of the insurance company for complete details.

Single Trip Cross-Country Ski Holiday Insurances

World Nomads (for US Residents)

World Nomads offers one of the most popular insurance when it comes to adventurous activities, including but not limited to our favorite one: cross-country skiing.

World Nomads is a well-trusted travel insurance company dating back to 2002. Their popularity is thanks to their flexible and humane attitude, that may be due to the fact that many of the company founders and team members are travelers themselves. No surprises there when you find that many of their packages cover a wide range of activities that are usually not included as standard in many other insurance plans available on the market. All this with a highly competitive pricing.

Below are some of the popular snow sports which are covered for US residents at the time of writing. Please be aware this information is subject to change and coverage will vary depending on the country of residence of the policyholder. For this reason, always take a careful read at the policy wording for avoiding misunderstandings.

Snowsport activities covered under the Standard Plan (as of Oct 2020)

  • Skiing and snowboarding within resorts
  • Cross-country skiing on marked trails
  • Snowmobiling, ice skating, snow rafting & more.

Snowport activities covered under the Explorer Plan (as of Oct 2020)

  • Backcountry skiing or boarding (except areas designated unsafe by the resort).
  • Alpine touring
  • Skiing out of resort boundaries
  • Free-style skiing
  • Skiing by helicopter or snow cat.
  • Ski instructor or guide (paid or volunteer) & more.

NB: You should always check your activities are covered before you buy a policy, you can do this when you are finalizing a quote or by visiting the Help Centre.

Benefits May Include

  • Sports Gear, Baggage and Personal Effects Coverage: Covers the loss, theft or damage of your bags, tech and gear.
  • Trip Protection: Protect your hard earned vacation from unexpected cancellation. Trip cancellation is a benefit that reimburses you for any pre-paid non-refundable trip costs if you need to cancel due to a circumstance covered under your plan. The most common reasons for cancellation include sicknesses and injuries, but they could also be related to natural disasters, strikes, terrorist attacks, and other events.
  • Emergency Overseas Accident & Sickness Medical Expense: If you’re injured or get sick while you’re traveling, and you’ve bought the policy for the activities you’re doing, you can be covered for: hospitalization; out-patient treatment for medical emergencies; prescribed medicines, x-rays, and laboratory tests; being brought home, if medically necessary;
  • Medical Evacuation and Repatriation: Travel insurance can cover repatriation if you encounter a medical emergency abroad and need to be evacuated. You’re just about to reach the peak of a cliff when you take a tumble, and the only thing between you and a hospital is 300 miles and a way to get you there. This is a situation where you’d be grateful for medical evacuation coverage. It’s simple: when you get hurt or sick, you should be able to get to a place where you can get the care you need, pronto.
  • Delayed baggage: If your checked-in bags are delayed by 12 hours or more from the scheduled arrival time, your policy can cover essential items you buy so you’re not left wearing the same thing, until your bags are found and returned.

24/7 Emergency Assistance

Whether you need medical or dental assistance or advice, emergency evacuation or travel assistance, you can access support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year before and during your trip.


  • Accidents due to irresponsible behavior (e.g. drunk skiing) or against resort regulations;
  • Sporting equipment damaged from use;
  • Participation in a race as a professional athlete;
  • Any medical expenses in connection with pre-existing medical conditions;
  • Travelling against the advice of your physician;
  • Any ongoing costs of follow-up treatments due to an accident during your trip

For actual details of exclusions and for what may and may not be covered always read the actual policy wording available at the company website.

COVID-19 Information

World Nomads does not cover any cancellations due to fear of travel. On the other hand, if you or one of your family members were to get sick due to COVID-19, you might still receive benefits according to your plan as normal. Check the World Nomads FAQs for up to date information. Always review the current policy terms before buying.

Travel Guard: Deluxe Travel Plan (for US Residents)

Travel Guard is a long-time travel insurance brand of the AIG Travel, founded in 1982. While the company doesn’t need much introduction, their most broad package definitely deserves our attention. We have found that their Deluxe Travel Insurance Plan may provide an adequate coverage for a cross-country skiing holiday, however be sure to check out their other plans available as well to get what’s really right for you.

Family Coverage

One of the Deluxe Plan’s most favorable aspects is that it may include family coverage, meaning the coverage of one child no more than 17 years old, who travels with and related to the primary adult insured.

Plus, if your trip is prepared well in time, you could make the most of the plan by purchasing it within 15 days of the Initial Trip Payment, and your plan may include a pre-existing medical condition exclusion waiver. A pre-existing medical conditions waiver will allow for you to be covered for medical issues even in case of pre-existing conditions.

Be sure to always check for the actual policy description for details of what may or may not be covered.

Benefits May Include

  • We have probably all been in situations when the snow is completely ruined by rainy weather by the time of your ski holiday booking. The Trip Saver benefit may reimburse up to $2,500 of extra costs to rearrange your holiday sooner than it was originally scheduled. Don’t forget to check the policy wording for the actual coverage and reimbursements.
  • Travel Guard may provide $3,000 reimbursement for lost, damaged or stolen luggage, including your precious ski equipment. For what may or may not be covered, take a thorough read at the policy wording.
  • Trip Cancellation: If your ski holiday must be cancelled due to injury, or a death of you, a family member, traveling companion or business partner, you may be covered for a maximum of $150,000. For precise terms and exclusions, take a careful read at the policy description.
  • Emergency evacuation (and repatriation of remains) may be available for up to $1,000,000 to the nearest adequate medical facility. Be sure, to check the actual policy wording for details of coverage and exclusions.

Deluxe Enhancement Suite May Include

  • If you are planning on backcountry skiing off resort limits, then it is a safer choice due to its Adventure Sports Bundle that removes all exclusions from its benefits regarding extreme activities and adventures.
  • No snow? Terrible weather? Cancel for any reason provides a maximum reimbursement in case of any cancellation 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure.
  • Cross-country skiing with your dog? If you want to have a peace of mind, their Pet Bundle provides daily benefit for its boarding as well as medical expenses coverage in case of illness or injury.

Be sure to check for policy wording for up-to-date coverage.

Assistance Services

Travel Guard provides a variety of assistance services through a number of partners worldwide. Here we have highlighted some of the most useful. For further details, take a thorough read at the Travel Guard website.

  • Roadside assistance per car for up to $50: includes towing, flat tire, and locking out of your own vehicle.
  • Emergency Travel Assistance: 24/7 available hotline for emergency travel changes, rebooking, etc.
  • Travel Medical Assistance for medical evacuations, emergency medical requests,

COVID-19 Information

As of March 11, 2020 Travel Guard considers the COVID-19 as a foreseen event, therefore losses due to for example quarantine or fear of travel (trip cancellation, interruption or delay) will not be covered.

On the other hand, due to the Medical Benefits policy if you would contract COVID-19 before departure, you may be covered for trip cancellation, if you have a confirmed and documented diagnosis. Also, medical benefits for medical expenses, as well as trip interruption may still apply if you contract COVID-19 during your covered holiday.

Always review the current policy terms before buying.

Seven Corners: RoundTrip®Choice (for US Residents)

Seven Corners offers an excellent insurance for single ski trips, that is RoundTrip Choice, however be sure to check out their other plans available as well to get what’s really right for you.

It may cover up to 10 people, so all your family and friends you are going to spend your ski holiday with could be covered with one policy.

Standard Benefits May Include

  • If your trip is cancelled for a number of covered reasons (including weather) Seven Corners may reimburse you for the nonrefundable, prepaid costs of your ski holiday (up to $20,000). Check the actual policy wording for details.
  • If you must interrupt your skiing holiday for one of the covered reasons, you can still safely rejoin your family: You may be covered for 150% of your trip cost. For exact details of coverage read the policy description thoroughly.
  • If you’d get injured during your trip, you may be covered for $100,000. Don’t forget to check the actual terms and exclusions of coverage at the company website.
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation (and repatriation) for up to $500,000 if you are stuck on the mountain, and if you are hospitalized for more than 7 days, Seven Corners may arrange the transport of your children back home, as well as of a person of your choice to your bedside. For details of what may or may not be covered, take a careful read of the policy wording.
  • Reimbursement for your delayed ski gear after 12 hours may be for up to $300. Read policy description for coverage details.
  • 24-Hour benefit may be included in case of accidental death of dismemberment. Don’t forget to check actual policy wording for details.

Optional Benefits May Include

  • Lost Ski Days and Equipment Rental: $500 or $1000 reimbursement may apply if you are unable to ski because more than half of the trails are closed. Additionally, it may also cover for lost, damaged or stolen rented equipment. Be sure to check actual policy wording for details.
  • Cancel for any reason: If you purchase your plan within 20 days of your initial trip deposit and at least 2 days before your departure, then you may be eligible for cancelling your trip for any reason. You may be covered for 75% of the nonrefundable prepaid costs. See policy wording for further information.
  • On the other hand, you can add work-related cancellation to your plan, which may pay 100% of the costs. It must be purchased 20 days before initial trip deposit. Take a careful read of the policy description available at the company website.

Exclusions Include

  • Skiing outside marked trails,
  • Heli-skiing,
  • Extreme skiing,
  • Participating in races or competitions;

Assistance Services

  • 24/7 Non-Insurance Travel Assistance Services may be available (and required) to contact both in life-threatening and non-urgent situations.

COVID-19 Information

Trip cancellation due to COVID-19 may apply only if you are sick before departure, your condition and medical treatment requires restrictions certified by a physician. However, according to Seven Corners, quarantine is regarded as a strict medical isolation that is imposed by an authority, therefore, self-isolation doesn’t apply.

Fear of travel, as you would expect, may not be covered either, except if you purchase the optional Cancel for Any Reason benefit.

Medical expenses for COVID-19 if you contract it during your trip, may naturally apply, it is simply regarded as any other sickness.

Always review the current policy terms before buying.

Final Thoughts

Travelling, especially for ski holiday would be considered extremely irresponsible if done without having a travel insurance. However, if you want the best, you should definitely go for one of these more-or-less skiing specific plans that could make or break your holiday in a case of an emergency.

Before choosing, you should never skip on reading the precise wording of each plan, since there could be very personal and specific conditions and exclusions applicable to you.

One more thing, that even having the most expensive and most comprehensive insurance cannot substitute for responsible behavior, having appropriate safety gear and clothing, as well as adhering to common sense and trail regulations. Ski safely!