10 Ski Movies for Motivating Kids and Other Family Members

Ski movies keep you inspired and motivated and are a great way to develop a family-bond even when you are not out in the snow skiing together. And it is no hidden secret that watching ski movies make you a better skier. Your kids and other family members not only get proper visual training by watching ski movies, but you may also all want to try those moves the next time you are out on the slopes.

The “Ski Movies” Genre

Ski movies are not only for skiers who understand the sport, but anyone can get lots of motivation and thrill out of them. This genre is great for young minds who may not only want to try skiing but could end up excelling in the sport. You cannot talk about the ski movie genre without mentioning Warren Miller who aced the ski movie genre with his clean family movies.

Ski Movies

Even with his “Bloopers, Blunders, and Bailouts” that did not involve some brain-smacking skiing moves, it is still a good introduction to this genre and great for kids under the age of 8. Then comes Warren Miller’s “Cold Fusion”, “Ride”, and “Storm”, etc. that are all perfect for elementary school level kids who want to see the world from the high snowy peaks. Once your kids want more, they can switch to ski movies belonging to other productions including Poor Boyz, Level 1, Matchstick Productions, and Teton Gravity Research. For some movies, you may want to sit close to the remote to censor some stuff, but overall these movies are a favorite among ages between 17 to 27.

The Best 10 Ski Movies to Watch with the Kids

Some of the best PG-rated ski movies are undoubtedly Warren Miller’s, but you can find many great movie productions that are sure to keep your family glued to the screen. Here are our top recommended ski movies that you can enjoy with your kids:

1. Blizzard of Aahhh’s (1988)

Blizzard of Aahhhs (1988)
If there is one movie that puts the ski movie genre on the map, this one could be that. The Blizzard of Aahhh’s is shot in some of the extreme skiing destinations around the world. It boasts some of the best ski action and revolves around the life of the famous and the not-so-famous ski heroes.

2. The Way I See It (2010)

The winner of the Powder Magazine’s “Movie of the Year”, The Way I See It features some of the best skiers on the globe who share their journey of action and thrill. The movie has been filmed in Japan, Alaska, Switzerland, British Columbia, Washington, Idaho, and many other locations around the world, and shows its viewers what makes skiing the best sport.

3. Claim (2008)

This 74-minutes long production is the last movie of the Canadian skiing giant Shane McConkey who passed away in 2009 in a ski accident. Claim is an award-winning movie that features the fun side of some of the world’s greatest skiers. It is definitely one of the best ski movies ever produced.

4. The Edge of Never (2009)

The movie is about a young man’s visit to Chamonix in his father’s memory and to provide closure to his family. It is based on a true story where Bill Kerig documents a young boy whose father gave away his life to skiing. He reached the breathtaking slopes of Chamonix France to spiritually connect with his deceased father – at the exact place that brought an end to his father’s life and hence his ski career.

5. Passenger (2015)

This 1 hour 40 minutes long movie is all about the love of the fresh powder snow and the height of joy that winter brings. The movie features some of the best skiing spots around the globe and will keep you glued.

6. Supervention (2013) and Supervention 2 (2016)

Some of the world’s most talented snowboarders and skiers take you on the most amazing skiing destinations around the globe in the movie Supervention and its sequel Supervention 2. You not only get to see their life on the edge, these documentary-style movies will make you believe you are actually living this thrilling life.

7. Warren Miller’s Higher Ground (2005)

Warren Millers Higher Ground (2005)
Warren Miller is a legend in the ski movie genre and in this documentary, he takes his viewers along some of the most breathtaking adventures ever caught on camera. If you love skiing, this great family movie is something you would not want to miss.

8. Better Off Dead (1985)

Though the movie was not a commercial success at the time of its release in 1985, it has since been a family favorite and termed as one of the classics. The movie is about a high school student who had only two love interests in his life – his girlfriend and skiing. Shortly before Christmas, his girlfriend broke up with him for the captain of the ski team, making this teen comedy as interesting as ever.

9. All.I.Can (2011)

Filmed in 6 continents over a period of 2 years, this movie will move you deeply as it touches some delicate topics of our relationship with our ecosystem, our culture, and a lot of things that are connected to us. Highlighting the action sports genre, the movie has a great soundtrack and breathtaking mountain visuals. A must-see!

10. Eddie the Eagle (2015)

If you love watching movies that are inspired by true events, Eddie the Eagle is for you. The movie is about hope, determination, and hard work. The plot revolves around an underdog British skier Michael Eddie who was cut from the Olympic ski team, so he travels to Germany to test his skills. He meets a former ski jumper there and undergoes massive training, and eventually proves the world wrong by shinning at the 1988 Winter Olympics.


When you cannot go out to ski, there is nothing better than watching something your whole family loves – skiing. Even if you feel your kids are not into snowy slopes, our above recommendations are enough to make them change their minds. If you are looking for motivation and inspiration, do not miss out on these movies – have a great family time watching them together and polishing your skiing skills.