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Northwest Wisconsin Nordic Trails

Hunt Hill Trails

Sarona, WI

Trail Options:   10 miles of rustic trails

Trail Description: 10 miles of rustic trails provide visitors a chance to safely explore the unique habitats that make Hunt Hill so special. Take the Bear Trail and explore the edge of Big Devil's lake as you pass wild blueberries, an old bear’s den and see girdled trees from our hungry porcupines. Or hike down our bog trail and see the insectivorous pitcher plant then continue onto the vole trail, which leads to the meadow for an explosion of color, animal life and beauty.

Ownership: Hunt Hill Audubon Sanctuary

Management: Hunt Hill Audubon Sanctuary



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Trail Location


Head east on Hwy D toward Hwy 53 (approx. 7 miles).Stay on Hwy D and cross Hwy 53. Follow County Hwy D to the "T" intersection (1 mile) at Pavlas Lake. Turn north (left) onto County Hwy P (.4 miles). Turn east (right) onto Audubon Road (2.4 miles). Turn north (left) onto Hunt Hill Road (.4 mile). Follow the road as it curves to the right. Arrive into camp.

Turn-by-Turn Directions Driving Directions to Hunt Hill Trails

Landmark dates in the history of Nordic Trails in northwest Wisconsin include 1975 when the United States Cross Country Ski Team including Bill Koch — who would later go on to win a silver medal in the 1976 Olympics – came to Telemark to train, 1978 when the first World Cup cross country ski races were held on the Telemark Trails, and also that year the Worldloppet League, an affiliation of international cross country ski marathons, was formed by Tony Wise at Telemark.

After an auspicious beginning, it wasn’t long before the landscape was dotted with Nordic Trails of all sizes and descriptions, most of which continue to offer pleasant and challenging cross country skiing opportunities today.