About Us – Wisconsin Cross Country Skiing

Welcome to Northwest Wisconsin!

This is a very special place anytime of the year, but especially during the winter. Fortunately, the region receives early and frequent snowfall, so you can have as much as four and sometimes five months to sample the region’s numerous trail offerings.

Whether you are a casual, occasional skier, an active enthusiast, or an avid racer, Northwest Wisconsin has something for you. From easy going and intimate classically groomed trails suitable for the whole family to the most significant Nordic superhighway in the nation, the American Birkebeiner Trail, the depth of choice is almost overwhelming.

Northwest Wisconsin is blessed with over a million of acres of public land, primarily in our County and State Forests and the Chequamegon National Forest. Many trail systems are essentially free, but do accept skier donations or request parking fees. Please support these trail systems by donating generously. Fee based trail systems pride themselves on offering a quality skiing experience and your fees will insure that trails are regularly and conscientiously maintained. Good grooming is very necessary and expensive. Your fees and contributions will not only insure that the trails are groomed regularly, but that these trails will continue to exist.

Cross country skiers are important to Northwest Wisconsin, but a nearly invisible part of the regional economy when compared to other winter sport enthusiasts. We can all be ambassadors for the sport and help elevate the image and visibility of cross country skiing. When you visit the area, be sure to let the businesses you patronize know that you are a cross country skier and that is the reason you are visiting the region. A little PR will go a long way.

This guide is an important step to helping provide more and better information about ski trails in Northwest Wisconsin. It is, however, only one part of a multi-faceted informational program intended to help skiers learn more about cross country skiing in Northwest Wisconsin. Be sure to consult our web site at www.norwiski.com for up to the minute trail conditions, news, and regional developments.

If you have suggestions for additional information or improvements to this guide, please contact us directly via contact[at]norwiski.com. In the meantime, think snow and good skiing to you!