The Cross-Country Ski QUIZ: Level 1

Test your cross-country ski knowledge with the first part of our quiz series. We have 15 questions for you to answer. Find more information about each question in one of our articles. How much do you really know about cross-country skiing?


#1. What does the original Old Norse word for “Ski” mean?

#2. How many poles did the first “cross-country” skiers use?

#3. Which type of skiing is not considered cross-country skiing?

#4. What kind of waxing do “waxless” cross-country skis need?

#5. What is the latest technology in cross-country skiing for having a better grip?

#6. What fabric do some of the most popular ski skins contain?

#7. Which one is considered the larger category of sports, cross-country skiing or nordic skiing?

#8. What are metal-edge skis used for?

#9. Which cross-country ski team was the decade-long rival of Norway at the Winter Olympics?

#10. Which brand is known for its high quality cross-country ski poles and waxes?

#11. Which one of the following is downhill technique in cross-country skiing?

#12. Which cross-country skier has collected the most Olympic medals in Winter Olympics history? (as of 2020)

#13. Which one is the most popular type of bindings?

#14. Which sport is considered the best for off-season cross-country ski training?

#15. What is the average speed range of recreational cross-country skiers?


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