How Smokers Can Enjoy a XC Ski Trip

There are many things to remember when going on a ski trip. One is showing proper etiquette to fellow skiers. Our post notes a few practices you should follow, such as knowing the right of way and stepping aside when you stop to avoid collisions. Another thing to keep in mind is a xc ski resort’s anti-smoking policies. Many have implemented such rules in the past few years to ensure safety and comfort for all skiers.

As a smoker, you’ll be glad to know you can still enjoy your ski trip, even with bans. Here’s how.

Research Local Smoking Policies

Rules on smoking vary per ski resort. Governments in different areas may also implement distinct smoking policies. For example, Colorado bans smoking in public spaces. However, some ski resorts permit it. For instance, Aspen Snowmass allows outdoor tobacco use as long as you’re 50 feet away from building entrances.

Other ski resorts may have stricter rules on smoking that allow them to preserve the surrounding environment. CNN reports that one such establishment in the French village of Les Gets recently became the first in Europe to ban smoking for this exact reason. The resort’s latest spring cleanup revealed 3,000 cigarette butts under the snow, pushing its management to implement the anti-smoking rule. With ski resort smoking rules varying so drastically, it’s thus best to do your research and initially check if you’ll be able to smoke with no issue at the resort of your choice.

Book Smoker-Friendly Accommodations

While most ski resorts have prohibited smoking, several still provide areas for guests to smoke responsibly—so if you want to smoke during your trip, book ski resorts with smoker accommodations. You can search the internet for “ski resorts with smoking rooms” to find some options. If you already have a resort in mind, read about their facilities on their website, browse their social media accounts, or contact their customer support staff to learn if they have smoking areas.

Fortunately, you won’t have a shortage of resorts to choose from. For example, Utah’s Snowbird ski resort provides designated smoking areas for guests. Keweenaw Mountain Lodge—an accommodation near the ski resorts in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula—lets guests smoke on its patio and in designated areas. These show that you can still smoke during your ski trip even when most resorts have banned the act.

Use Nicotine Alternatives

If you want to stay at a ski resort with very strict anti-smoking policies, don’t cancel your trip because of your habit. Instead, consider using smokeless nicotine alternatives—like pouches and patches—to relieve your cravings. These products can discreetly deliver nicotine to your body, so you won’t be breaking any rules. By actually refraining from smoking during your visit, you’ll also build up additional endurance that will help you ski for longer.

Nicotine pouches are oral products you can use for up to an hour. The nicotine pouches sold on Prilla are tobacco-free and come in many flavors, like wintergreen and coffee—as well as nicotine strengths ranging from 2mg to 15mg to match the amount you usually smoke. These are convenient and discreet, allowing you to use a pouch even when skiing: simply tuck one between your gum and upper lip. Meanwhile, nicotine patches stick to the skin for nicotine delivery to the bloodstream. The patches sold by Walgreens last for up to 24 hours and come in strengths ranging from 7mg to 21mg. These are perfect to wear under clothing, making them easy to use while skiing.

Even though many ski resorts ban smoking, you can still enjoy your trip by following the tips above. If you liked this article, feel free to browse our other posts here on NorwiSki.