9 Best Junior Cross-Country Skis for 2024

Having the right equipment is the key to accelerating at any sport, and cross-country skiing is no different. Especially in the case of your children, make sure you get them the ski gear according to their age, height, and weight – and before you know it, they will start loving it as much as you do – or even more. If the sizing is not right, not only your child will be reluctant to ski, it will also ruin your family ski trip.

Ski Sizing for Children

You may be able to pull off your last year’s ski gear but your kids may not. They are at a growing age and their sizes will keep on changing. Whether you want to buy your children new skis or want to check whether the skis used in the previous winters are good to go this year too – sizing plays a vital role. Or, you may want to get some preloved skis and for this, it is extremely important to get your kids comfortable on the ground.

The ski sizing for children varies depending upon many factors. Although a ski instructor, the store specialist or you can judge better if a certain ski looks compatible with your child’s age, height and weight – here is how you will measure the ski’s height.

  1. Using a measuring tape, note down the height of your child.
  2. To convert your measurement in inches (in) to centimeters (cm), multiple the number of inches by 2.54.
  3. For traditional Classic skis, add 10 – 30 cm to the height of your child. This will give you the right length of ski you need. If you want to get your child a freestyle skating ski, add 3 – 4 cm to the height.
  4. Ask your child to stand straight and stick his/ her arm straight over their head. Place the ski next to your child. For the right classic ski, the ski should reach just below the wrist of his/ her extended arm. For skating skis, it is better to go for one that extends to 3 – 4 cm over the head of your young one.

The sizing gives you a better idea and helps your younger one be more comfortable in the snow. If your child is a preschooler, you will notice that kids that young have skis that strap onto their snow boots. Just make sure these skis are not longer than your child’s actual height. It is also important to make sure the ski bindings are strapped tightly yet comfortably.

If you are buying your kid(s) new skis, do not rely on the old method of “tip to wrist” measurement for determining the length of the ski. There are many ski manufacturers (such as Salomon) that produce stiff skis while some (for instance Fischer) manufacture soft skis. Your child’s ideal ski length could be as short as his/ her height or could be 20 cm taller. The weight is an important factor when determining the size of the ski as not all children of a certain height/ age have the same body weight.

It is also a good idea to go for waxless skis, unless you are already waxing the skis of the entire family. A waxless ski will give your little one a better grip when the conditions are poor. Introduce ski poles only when your child has learnt to move themselves using the kick.

Make sure your child can compress the ski with one foot. If he/ she cannot do that, then it would be almost impossible for your child to get the required grip on snow.

Recommended Cross Country Skis for Kids

9 Best Kids’ Cross-Country Skis

You can find many ski packages catering to your child’s age range that not only have junior cross country skis, but also adjustable poles and bindings. Here are our top recommendations when it comes to your kids’ cross country skis in order to make your 2020/ 2021 winters as much fun as possible:

1. Fischer Sprint Crown Junior Cross Country Skis with TURNAMIC Bindings

Fischer knows how to ignite a love for skiing in both adults as well as young ones, and with the Fischer Junior Sprint Crown Cross-Country Skis, you can clearly see how. Manufactured with a great quality wooden core that has air channels for a lighter weight, and a Crown Tec grip, these XC skis are as good in tracks as they are out of the tracks.

These skis come with tour junior bindings. Ideal for your young one’s Nordic adventures, these skis are easier to manage and fun to navigate with. When skiing in tracks, your child will find it easier to learn skiing thanks to its straighter side cut of 51/ 47/ 50 that gives it a smooth and efficient glide. The skis are not metal-edged so your child may take a tries to adjust to the slipperiness of the skis, but once he/ she does, there is nothing stopping him/ her from enjoying the snow. The ski base has sharp edges and a pattern that offers the needed grip to increase traction.

If you want to give your junior skiers confidence on snowy terrain, the Fischer Junior Sprint Crown Cross-Country Skis knows well how to! To help your child balance between the perfect grip and glide, you can move the bindings backward or forward with the IFP binding plate. This way, you will be able to customize the skis according to your child’s preferences.


2. Rossignol Delta R-Skin Junior XC Skis

If your junior skier is into competitive-level skate skiing, the Rossignol Delta R-Skin Junior Cross Country Skis are ideal for this young racer. With a side cut of 42/ 44/ 44/ 44 mm, the Delta R-Skin Junior XC Skis use K5000 base tuning. Weighing 520 grams per pair and having a honeycomb ski core, your Rossignol Delta R-Skin XC Skis have the perfect weight which makes these skies fast as well as easy to control, giving your young skier the best performance on the slopes.

The Rossignol Delta R-Skin Junior Cross Country Skis have an IFP Junior plate for Turnamic binding. These skis are compatible with the Turnamic binding system but do not come equipped with ski bindings.

The Rossignol Delta R-Skin Junior XC Skis have a lower shorter tip that helps in maneuvering these classic skis, and the double groove guide assists in the tracking and stability.

To save your young racer and yourself time and energy, these skis are wax-free and have skin in the kick zone. So, instead of wasting your time kick waxing these skis, the skin in the ski’s kick zone lets you and your child enjoy more time on the slopes.

The Rossignol Delta R-Skin Junior XC Skis feature Active Cap and Premium Low Density Core construction with Extended Edge Technology. These attributes give the young racer precise and powerful performance, and the competitive confidence he/ she needs. When choosing the right size for your young racer, go for a ski size which is 15 to 20 cm higher than your junior skier’s height.

3. 2021 Salomon Aero Junior Grip XC Skis w/Prolink Access Junior Bindings

Cross country skiers can be very competitive and if you want your junior skier to not only learn XC skiing but to outclass his/ her peers or even you (yes, that’s a possibility!), the 2021 Salomon Aero Junior Grip XC Skis can be your child’s ideal ski buddy to do so. These cross country skis come equipped with Prolink Access Junior Bindings, so you and your junior skier do not have to worry about anything – just hold onto the skis and enjoy what the snowy slopes have to offer.

Salomon is an industry giant when it comes to snow adventures and its Aero Junior Grip XC Ski is proof of its quality, sturdiness, and performance. Constructed with Salomon’s technology and experience, these skis are light in weight but heavy in performance. They give your young skier a great grip with good maneuverability. The Aero Junior Grip XC Skis are fun to glide on and give your budding skier the confidence he/ she needs in their early ski years.

These skis have a side cut of 51/ 47/ 50 mm along with a secure grip G2 base. The Densolite core makes skiing effortless – which is exactly what your junior skier wants. With a price range of $129.95, these stylish skis are available in different sizes (121 cm and 131 cm).

With the correct skiing gear especially the skis, your junior skier will have a strong ground to learn and practice skiing on – and then, the sky (or should we say the mountain) is the limit!


4. I-Sport Kids Ski Sets with Universal Bindings

I-sport ABS Plastic Beginner Ski Sets Snow Skis and Poles with Universal Bindings (Penguin)

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There is nothing better to get your child to enjoy the snow with than the I-Sport Kids Ski Sets with Universal Bindings. These 65 cm long skis come with 67.5 cm junior poles and bindings that are good for ages between 2 years to 4 years.

These cross-country skis can even be used in your backyard or you can upgrade their experience to a cross country trip – your children are going to love these beautifully designed and colorful penguin skis.

They are constructed using great quality plastic and are compatible with almost all kinds of snow boots (other than the downhill alpine boots). If you are looking for a family adventure this winter, these skis are the answer!

5. Fischer 2021 Junior Adventure Crown Cross-Country Skis w/Tour Junior Bindings

If you enjoy cross country skiing, why not introduce a great quality XC ski to your younger one to develop a deep love for this sport and an amazing family bond. After all, there is nothing more fun than a family trip to a ski resort in the winter. Go for the Fischer 2021 Junior Adventure Crown Cross Country Skis and you won’t be disappointed.

Compatible with the NNN norm, the Fischer 2021 Junior Adventure Crown Cross-Country Skis come with tour junior bindings that are ideal for your child’s Nordic adventures.

Fischer is a trusted and reliable name not only in Austria where it originated from but among the sports lovers and fitness buffs from all over the world who trust the products that Fischer delivers. It is especially known for its ski gear and if you are looking for a great pair of skis for your child for his/her cross country adventures, you can find not many skis better than this one. Fischer has put in its century-old experience and technology to come up with a 58/ 56/ 52 mm side cut XC ski which is ideal for junior skiers. These skis have a fish scale base which means you or your child does not have to worry about waxing the skis. Who wants to waste time in waxing when you can get more time on the slopes!

The hybrid air channel core makes these junior cross-country skis lightweight, easy to navigate, and super fun to ski on. They are quick and agile – ideal to be used for their learning. When in tracks, your junior skier would find it very convenient to practice kick and glide techniques as these skis will not weigh your child down.

As the Fischer 2021 Junior Adventure Crown Cross-Country Skis come with Fischer’s Junior Tour Bindings, your child can get started on the snow as soon as you get these impressive cross country skis – for only $159.95.


6. Madshus Kid’s Snow Pup Skis

Ideal for your children’s developing age and growing feet, the Madshus Kid’s Snow Pup Skis are meant to be your kid’s first skis that could introduce your child to the snowy wonderland. These skis are quite stable due to having a good width and are 85 cm long. The skis boast a Universal binding system so you do not have to worry about any special snow boots to go with their skis.

The skis have a sturdy waxless base that provides these young learners a good grip to enjoy their first snowy adventures. The snow does not stick to the bottom of the skis making skiing an effortless experience.

The Madshus Snow Pup Skis are artistically designed making them attractive and practical at the same time.

All you have to do is to strap your kid’s feet safely onto the skis and see him/ her glide with joy. Get your children their Snow Pup Skis and enjoy your family adventures.


7. Madshus Junior Intrasonic Classic Skis

Madshus Junior Intrasonic Classic Ski, 120cm, White/Black/Red

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Madshus proudly focuses on its Norwegian ski heritage and has introduced a great line up of reliable skiing gear along with great quality cross country skis. The Madshus Junior Intrasonic Classic Skis is an excellent example of the quality, durability, and performance that Madshus promises.

If you are looking for cross country skis for your budding skier, there is nothing better to encourage your junior skier with, than these attractive junior skis that he/ she may find easy to maneuver, has a sturdy base and gives your young skier the confidence he/ she needs to conquer all the slopes they want. With a side cut of 44/ 42/ 43 mm, your junior skier will enjoy the glide and the turns.

Although the bindings are not included, these Ultrasonic Universal Junior Skis go great with the NIS (Nordic Integrated System) plate. The NIS bindings are NNN bindings that slide onto the plate to make them adjustable. These NIS plates are famous for their easy handling on groomed trails – something that will help your junior skier love the sport even more.

Featuring a Polytex base to give these skis a waterproof and weatherproof protective coating, Polytex is known as a great ski base as it provides you with the sturdiness, durability, and flexibility that your young skier would be looking for on slopes. The core of the skis is composed of Paulownia wood with carbon reinforcement.

The Madshus Junior Intrasonic Classic Skis weigh around 850 grams (for their 160 cm long ski) per pair. There are different sizes for you to choose from – 130 cm, 160 cm, and 170 cm. These chic red/ white/ black XC skis are available for $113.95.

8. Kids Cross-Country Ski Package w/Kid Beginner Ski Poles for Kids 6–10

Nordic Rocks offers you the perfect ski package for your kids – the Kids Cross-country Ski Package that comes with beginner ski poles. This package is ideal for kids aging 6 to 10 years. This waxless ski package contains a pair of 48 inches (122 cm) long skis, a step-in binding system, and adjustable ski poles. You will also get ski clips to keep all your ski gear together.

The junior/ youth cross-country skis for kids are manufactured using a wooden core and have a fish scale pattern at the base to provide your child with the necessary grip. Unlike the plastic skis out there for catering the younger audiences, these wooded core skis are light in weight but there is absolutely no compromise on comfort. The fish scale pattern makes your little one’s skiing adventures safe and fun whether he/ she is on the tracks or off them.

The step-in bindings come with 3 spring buckles which are ideal for different sizes of snowshoes or boots. The ski poles can be extended to any size between 35 inches to 51 inches (around 90 cm to 130 cm) and are made with good quality sturdy aluminum.

This ski package is ideal for kids who are at beginner or intermediate levels of skiing. Kids can use these skis both on tracks and out of tracks. Trail breaking and rolling hills are even more fun with the Nordic Rocks’ Kids Cross Country Ski Package.

With minimum maintenance and almost no hassle, your kids can now enjoy skiing with the entire family using this ski package that actually grows with the kid!

9. Kids First Plastic Snow Skis & Poles Age 2-4 with Bindings

Kids First Plastic Snow Skis & Poles Age 2-4 with Bindings - Fun Beginer Skis 90cm

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Introducing cross country skiing to your little one is a great way of developing important skiing skills at a very young age. The skiing techniques and fun will stay with your child for the rest of his/ her life. This is what SkiWeb plans to do with their Kids First Plastic Snow Skis. Manufactured using great quality plastic, these skis come with bindings and poles and are ideal for your child aged between 2 and 4.

These snow skis provide your child with a much-needed grip and give them enough confidence to conquer little hills. Your child can use them with any soft snow boot. The bindings are flexible and have sturdy straps to hold those tiny boots securely.

The skis are attractively designed with snowflakes pattern and come with matching metal ski poles. The ski poles have a scaled base to provide your little skier with the required grip. With a ski length of 70 cm (around 28 inches), these skis do not have a metal edge and have round tips.

It is recommended to use these skis on the ungroomed area around your ski resort and base sections, and not on groomed tracks. Introduce skiing with the Kids First Plastic Snow Skis to have memorable winters!


The junior cross-country skis are specially designed to enable your younger one to share your passion for cross country skiing. Make sure the skis and the ski gear or the ski package you are going for is of great quality and works well with your child’s weight and height.

Your child’s age, size, and body weight play an important factor in determining which cross country ski to go for. Your child must have a well-fitted ski gear so that he/ she does not have to worry about the size of skis being too short or a ski pole that is too long for them. Once these young skiers are comfortable on the snowy terrain, they will not only excel in skiing, they will conquer new heights, for sure!