Cross Country Ski Packages of 2021

Whitewoods 75mm 3Pin Cross Country Ski Package

Whitewoods Adult NNN Cross Country Ski Package

Whitewoods New Adult NNN Cross Country Package

Whitewoods 75mm 3Pin Cross Country Ski Package
Whitewoods Adult NNN Cross Country Ski Package
Whitewoods New Adult NNN Cross Country Package

Gone are the winter days when skiing was considered a sport only for dauntless and experienced mountaineers. This classic sport is now popular among adventurists and families on holidays alike. With the development of accommodating and comfortable ski resorts and easy to use cross country skiing equipment, the sport has gained rapid popularity among people of all classes and ages. If you, too, are looking forward to taking a nice holiday sliding down the snowy mountains, you might find yourself encountering the decision to search and shop around for a reliable new cross country ski set and clothing. With the wide range of sets and accessories available in the market, it gets a little difficult to select from so many choices. However, to ease out your cross country skiing experience, we have reviewed some of the best available XC ski package items on sale that combine durability, strength, and performance at reasonable rates to make your experience worthwhile.

Best Cross Country Ski Sets

1. Fischer Spider 62 Cross Country Ski Package

fischer spider 62 cross country ski package

This ski package, consisting of four items, provides a great deal of fun and benefits. On purchasing it, you will get a pair of skis, compatible boots and bindings, and sturdy poles.

First of all, let’s talk about the ski’s quality. The ski edges are manufactured from steel, having a decent finish for smoother turns and optimum stability on icy terrain. Skis are available in different lengths; 169cm, 179cm, 189cm, and 199cm. Because of solid construction, it is highly appropriate for heavyweight skiers of up to 220 pounds.

Apart from construction, the design of skis is also par excellence, making it a good choice for beginners as well as pro skiers. With slightly elevated tips and a narrow waist, it beautifully glides over both blazed and ungroomed trails. The best part is that its patterned base eliminates the need for waxing and ensures faster and unimpeded glides.

Moreover, the package contains a set of productive boots separately designed for men and women. Both Salomon Escape Prolink for men and Salomon Vitane Prolink for women have everything in common except for the additional fleece lining, which is introduced in women’s boots only.

The boots are super comfortable and insulate warmth convincingly. These feature laces for a snug fit covered by another layer with a zipper embedded on it. At the rear end, the inner lining is high enough to reach and secure the ankle. Made from rugged material, the sole provides the utmost and no-slip balance on every challenging and inclined surface.

Then, we have Turnamics Control Bindings intended to clasp the feet and allow the skier to navigate with minimal effort. With the plate already mounted, attaching these bindings in the required position is quite convenient.

In addition to all of this, Alpina ASC ST Snowflake Poles also come in this package. Equipped with adjustable straps, these aluminum poles encompass versatility and robustness.


  • Each component is suitable for on/off-trail skiing
  • A wide range of pole sizes is available
  • Equally good for all skillsets
  • It has a no-wax base


  • The bindings lack a step-in facility

2. Alpina Control 60 Cross Country Ski Package

alpina control 60 cross country ski package

Allowing skiers to delve into the pleasure of skiing sessions to the fullest, this is another impressive four-piece ski package. The box includes skis, bindings, poles, and, most interestingly, NNN-listed boots. Let’s dig out what these accessories have to offer.

The pair of skis is crafted with great precision, keeping in mind the desires and requirements of high-level and intermediate skiers. For the same reason, people get an opportunity to pick skis from a broad collection of sizes according to their height and ease of use.

There exists embossed detailing on the base, which is helpful for stable footing and maximizing the gliding rate. Thanks to the resourceful design, the equipment offers hassle-free maneuverability. Furthermore, you will be able to make the most of these skis on groomed and off-piste skiing sessions.

Another component conducive to enhancing the skier’s stability and contact with skis is the Rottefella Touring Auto Classic bindings. These make a perfect match with many NNN- and XC-rated boots. So, if you already own a pair of such boots, you can use these bindings for sure.
These incorporate a classic step-in feature, which gives you the freedom to lock the boots onto them manually. Also, you can adjust the position with tool-free handling.

In the package, we also have a pair of boots; T5 and T5 Eve for men and women, respectively. While fulfilling the demands of skiers, it maintains temperature insulation very well and gives them a cozy feel. On each shoe, there is a lace hook near the ankle, intended to keep the laces from tangling and contribute to a nice ankle fit.

Additionally, Swix ST102 Trail poles are also provided in the package. The aluminum-manufactured shaft resists bending despite consistent and aggressive gliding. Since it is necessary to get a good hold of the poles during skiing, it comes with loop straps that can be adjusted according to wrist requirements.


  • Poles are available in many sizes
  • Boots yield equally astounding performance on/off loipe
  • Collar-like fleece protects the ankle from chilled weather


  • Skis might need waxing after heavy use

3. Salomon Escape 5 Cross Country Ski Package

salomon escape 5 cross country ski package

If you want a complete ski package at an affordable price, try this one and unleash the never-ending thrills and charm of skiing. Four components, skis, bindings, shoes, and poles, complete the package.

Upon unboxing the package, you’ll find two skis made from high-quality material showing excellent durability so they can withstand a high amount of weight. Also, since the company presents a large group of skis sizes, many short- to long-heightened individuals can use this item.

Featuring a well-pronounced side-cut, each ski provides the desired stability on hilly or ice-packed terrain and during sharp turns. The G2 Plus base is also designed to utter optimum balance without waxing. In other words, you don’t need to invest in additional waxes for gliding downhill. Best of all, you can employ these skis on all snowy conditions, including the one with or without trails.

This package also saves money you would otherwise have to spend on a pair of shoes since it already arrives with one. Its Salomon Escape Prolink and Salomon Vitane Prolink boot collection are dedicated to serve men and women, respectively.

Backcountry skiing usually requires durable shoes not only for insulating heat but also for maintaining foot grip. To meet this criterion, these boots are equipped with a heavy-duty sole. The design revolves around lace fitting with a zip liner, which also acts as a lace cover and ankle protector. In this way, the ankle area also remains insulated throughout the excursion.

One more advantageous accessory included in the box is the Salomon Prolink Automatic Bindings. As the name implies, these bindings boast an automatic step-in mechanism, enabling you to get rid of tedious gear preparation.

Swix ST102 Trail poles are a wonderful addition to this package that will surely grab the attention of recreational skiers. As these feature aluminum shafts, adjustable straps, and universal baskets, you won’t have to exert extra force to make movements and attain proper balance.


  • It is a cost-effective ski package
  • Construction backed by a waxless base


  • The zipper slides down on its own

4. Whitewoods 75mm 3Pin Cross Country Ski Package

Whitewood 75mm 3Pin Cross Country Ski Package
This cross country ski is a great option and comes at a fair price for those who are not regular skiers but do enjoy a good cross country trip when they step into the skis. The ski can support an adult person with ease weighing about 151-180lbs. The ski base is waxless and textured so that it can grip snow for gliding forward without sliding backward. The country ski is wide i.e., 197 cm long, providing enough space to support the person’s feet and provide balance.


The package includes 75mm, 3 pin touring bindings that are pre-mounted on the skis. The bindings are easy to step into and open, providing easy and optimal performance on upward inclines, especially for beginners who are still perfecting their maneuvering.

The ski poles are made for adult use with a 15mm tapered shaft for enhanced strength with multidirectional fiberglass wrap, making it lightweight without compromising on the build’s strength. The XC ski boots are made to keep your feet warm made with a breathable waterproof material.


  • Skis are constructed with a laminated wood core with a waxless base and 64-55-59 side-cut.
  • The skis are strong enough to support the weight between 151 and 180 lbs., which is suitable for adult use.
  • The XC ski boots have a 75 mm high sole and 3 pin bindings with 100g of Thinsulate lining and quick dry linings to keep feet warm and dry.
  • The poles have additional strength due to the 15mm tapered shaft.
  • The ski pole also has adjustable straps and ski baskets.
  • All the gear is lightweight yet strong, making it easy to carry around without compromising on durability.


  • The ski is not suitable for backcountry skiing.
  • The ski boots might slip out despite the 3 pin hold and the steel clamp on the front.
  • Even though it works fine on groomed snow, it might not be the top choice for ungroomed snow.

5. Whitewoods Adult NNN Cross Country Ski Package

Whitewoods Adult NNN Cross Country Ski Package

The content of this cross country ski set can support heavier skiers as it is designed to support a weight of 180lbs. and heavier. The skis are 207 cm long and provide balanced maneuverability and enhanced grip for your feet. They are constructed with laminated core wood that has a waxless base and NNN touring bindings. NNN bindings are highly advantageous for beginners in terms of safety. They contain a safety release so that if the skier falls, they don’t get entangled with the cross country skis. Moreover, these bindings provide greater flexibility.


The Cross trail Nordic poles are strengthened by the presence of a 15mm tapered shaft made with fiberglass wrapping. The poles are lightweight yet are able to support adult weight, providing increased agility and easy mobility. Adjustable padded straps can be adjusted according to the size of the skier’s hand for a strong grip.

Like the other Whitewood cross country ski kits, this one also includes skiing boots that are lined with insulating and waterproof material to keep your feet warm in the thick snow. They are designed to give maximum comfort and protection so that you don’t tire out during your adventure. They are equipped with an NNN sole and a toe protector combined with the support of a metal lace guide for ergonomic lace pressure.


  • NNN skis are constructed with a durable laminated wood core with a 64-55-59 side-cut and an ABS tail.
  • The poles are designed to weigh less but support more weight with increased agility.
  • The skis can support well-built and bulky adults of up to 180 lbs. and heavier.
  • Boots are included in the kit with toe protection, thermal insulation, and waterproofing.
  • NNN tour basic bindings are perfect for novice skiers as they provide improved safety mechanism.


  • The cross country ski set is built for adults with greater body mass and might prove difficult to be difficult to handle for lightweight skiers.
  • The skis are not made for backcountry skiing.
  • Wooden skis are more fragile in general.

6. Whitewoods New Adult NNN Cross Country Package

Whitewoods New Adult NNN Cross Country Package

The laminated wood core skis are suitable for all types of skiers, be it amateurs, recreational skiers, or professionals, but especially for amateurs as they fall in the budget and are a great choice of material for starting. The laminated wood core provides enough strength to support the skier’s weight without giving under it, yet they are not too heavy to make it difficult to carry around. The cross country skis are 177 cm long, which gives balance and support enough for your feet to develop a strong grip.


Rottefellas NNN tour bindings are a reliable choice for cross country skiing, thanks to the safety they provide and the hold they have to provide agility with balance. These bindings are already mounted on the skis, saving the skiers the time and trouble of mounting them on every time.

The poles are made to maintain adult weight and give comfort without losing points on comfort. The handles have adjustable straps so that the skis are securely placed in your hand such that they act as an extension of your arm. The boots are included, the size of which can be selected from the given size chart. The cross country ski boots are insulated and waterproof and latch perfectly on the ski providing a perfect fit and strong grip.


  • Skis, 177cm, are long enough to be useful for amateurs, professionals, and non-frequent skiing hobbyists alike.
  • Cross country Skis are made of laminated wood that would glide smoothly over groomed snow.
  • The skis have NNN bindings that prevent entangling upon fall, saving the skiers from sustaining injuries.
  • Poles are long enough and strong enough to sustain adult body maneuvering and come with adjustable handle straps and baskets.
  • Cross country ski boots are included with insulating and waterproofing linings.


  • The ski poles are not enforced with fiberglass tapering, which might be a compromise on their strength.
  • The skis are not compatible with backcountry skiing.
  • The skis might cause trouble on rough terrains with non-groomed snow.

7. Rossignol Evo XC 60 Tour Cross Country Ski Package

Rossignol Evo XC 60 Tour Cross Country Ski Package

The Rossignol Evo XC ski package aims at providing a custom-fit ski set and equipment for every buyer. The gear package offers cross country skis in varying lengths that are decided depending upon the weight and height of the skier. The waxless, wood constructed skis give great glide on both groomed and non-groomed snow. The cross country skis are mid-length, which makes them easier to control and more responsive than larger skis.


Like the skis, the cross country ski boots that come in this package are also customized. The ski brand offers different features for men and women in varying sizes to ensure a perfect fit and great comfort. Both the boots are warm, comfortable, and waterproof supported with Salomon Touring Fit for a strong grip that latches onto the cross country ski and prevents your feet from sliding off.

The cross country skis come installed with the Turnamic Control Bindings that are easy to adjust and use. The automatic step-in bindings hold the skier in place, giving stability, even at higher speed and rough terrains. They can be adjusted without using separate tools. All you have to do is slide the binding forward for more grip and backward for more glide. The poles are aluminum reinforced at the shaft for greater strength and come in different sizes to match your height.


  • Customizable package with varying lengths of cross country skis and poles available. The cross country ski (166cm, 176cm, 186cm, and 196cm) and pole (120cm to 160cm) sizes are decided on the basis of skier’s height.
  • The side cuts of 60-50-55mm allow deeper cuts at sharp curves giving control and stability.
  • The ski boots are designed to provide maximum comfort with a lace cover with central zip, mono-material outsole, over the ankle upper, and internal heel reinforcement.
  • Pre-installed, automatic Turnamic Control Bindings direct all the power to the skis to give easy maneuverability and stability, resulting in a smooth glide.
  • The ski poles Swix ST102 Trail pole come with a universal ski basket and are capable of enduring heavy body weight due to aluminum reinforcement.


  • The aluminum reinforced shaft in the poles adds to their weight.
  • The cross country ski set gets a little expensive, with all the equipment and accessories added to it.
  • Snow and ice buildup to the underside of the boot might hinder complete engagement of the automatic binding to the boot.

CrossCountry Ski Sets For Kids

8. Whitewood Wild Cat Kinder Junior Cross Country Ski Set

Whitewood Wild Cat Kinder Junior Cross Country Ski Set

This Whitewood Ski cross country set for kids comes with everything a child needs to start with their cross country skiing adventures. The set includes cross country skis, bindings, and poles. The cross country skis are wood made with a waxless base that provides an excellent grip in all conditions and temperatures. The waxless base and the Kinder binding give strong control over the cross country skis even at 0-degree, which is a temperature suitable for kids to ski in but also difficult to control as the ice might start melting.


The Kinder bindings are plastic bindings with molded heel cups and an additional 1 cm of height at the heel cup for a bigger foot size. They are easy to strap on and off the kid’s boots. To enjoy this cross country ski, no additional ski boots are required. They can be strapped onto the child’s usual winter boots with the Kinder Bindings.

The telescoping poles are adjustable according to the height of the child and are strong yet light enough to allow the kids to direct them easily.


  • Wood made waxless skis that are lightweight and glide easily to let the kids master skiing.
  • Skis are 95cm in length and make maneuverability and handling easier for kids.
  • The ski set saves on the cost of additional skiing boots and works fine with a child’s regular snow boots.
  • The telescopic ski poles are adjustable according to the need of the children.
  • Wax free base provides control over gliding, making it easier for the kids to learn skiing.


  • The cross country ski set is only suitable for kids aged 4 to 8 years of age.
  • The Kinder Bindings are made of plastic, which might break during skiing or fall.
  • The Velcro accessories on the bindings might not work if it gets wet.