18 Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Cross-Country Skiers

For cross country skiers, the best part about the holiday season is that it is also the season for skiing! So why not combine the two to come up with some amazing holiday gift ideas that would make any cross country skier jump with joy – or should we say ski with joy!

New XC Poles

A good cross country ski pole is a cross country skier’s best friend. It helps the skier in keeping balance as well as momentum on the slopes. Getting your skiing enthusiast a great quality cross country ski pole is a good way to show how much you care about your loved one and his/ her passion for skiing.

The best way is to check the specifications of the old ski pole and replace a new one with the same size. Poles used in classic XC skiing are relatively shorter than the ones used in skate skiing. If you are new to the sport and are thinking of getting your loved one who enjoys skating a ski pole, make sure the measurements are right. You can multiply the skier’s height in centimeters by 0.89 to get a good fit. For a classic XC ski pole, the pole should come up to the shoulder and the pole can be ordered using the formula: skier’s height in centimeters multiplied by 0.83.

In case the ideal pole length falls between two sizes, go for the pole that is longer in size. Do not worry about it being on the longer side, the skier can always get it cut by a few centimeters underneath the grip.

Wax Table

A wax table makes a great gift. It shows you care without causing a blow to your bank account. You can gift your XC ski loving friend a Swix Economy Waxing Table and make his/ her holiday season truly memorable.

The Swix Waxing table is the most widely used and trusted waxing table in the skiing world. The table has a size of 96 x 45 centimeters and weighs around 25 pounds. It has sturdy folding legs and the table has a height of 83 dm. If you want to show your loved one you really care, give him/ her something out of the box that they would never think about – and something that makes their holiday unforgettable.

Beginner’s XC Ski Package

The holiday season is not just a time to have some fun, it is also the time when a lot of people reflect upon the year and make resolutions. If you think your friend or family member always wanted to ski but has not yet tried it, why not give them a chance to not have any excuse to hit the slopes this season. A beginner’s cross country ski package makes a wonderful and thoughtful gift. It shows that you care deeply as when you are gifting someone with a ski package, you are gifting them with a life-long supply of winter fun.

An ideal cross country ski package for beginners generally includes a pair of skis, bindings, ski poles, and boots. Once they receive it, all they have to do is to find a slope and have the best time of their life!

#1 Rossignol Package by Rei

One of the best xc ski packages recommended by us is the Rossignol Package including:

Roller Skis

Roller skis are gaining more and more popularity these days as they are the off-snow equivalent to XC skiing. If your loved one has a passion for cross country skiing during the season, why not let them enjoy it throughout the year? The skiing techniques used in roller skis are almost the same as the ones used in XC skiing.

Roller skis are a great way to train the body in summers to make it ready for the ski season. It is also a great physical exercise that helps the cross country skiers enjoy XC skiing even when there is no snow or slope in sight.

Premium Gift Ideas for XC Skiers under $300

When sending a gift to a loved one, it is not the money but the thought that counts. However, there are times when you have the budget to give them something that can make their holiday season truly memorable. How about these premium gift ideas for your cross country family member or friend? These gift ideas will cost you under $300 but they will cherish it for a lifetime. We promise!

Gift Certificate for Cross-Country Skiing Lessons

There is always room for improvement no matter how long one has been skiing for. How about gifting your loved one with a gift certificate for cross country skiing lessons? This is a great gift for a beginner who loves to explore cross country ski as well as for the intermediate level skiers who would like to polish their skiing style.

Learning to ski is a life-long skill and something not many people have. Once you know how to do cross country skiing, your winter season can never be boring. It is also a great family activity. If you think a family member needs some extra push and would benefit from skiing lessons, gift him/ her with a gift certificate of XC skiing lessons. Skiing will remind them of you whenever they are out on the slopes.

Season Pass for a Ski Area

A season pass for a ski area makes a wonderful and thoughtful gift. The rates of different ski areas vary, and many XC skiers will find them expensive. Giving your loved one a chance to enjoy skiing all season long makes a great gift – it brings a smile and is exactly what the holiday season is supposed to be about.

If you are looking for a holiday gift for your partner or friend, you can get a season pass for the two of you and enjoy spending time together while skiing. Do you know what is better than a skier enjoying skiing? Two skiers enjoying the sport they love together!

10 Useful Budget Gift Ideas for XC Skiers

In contrast to the common belief, cross country skiing gear does not have to cost you the moon. You can get your loved one some great budget friendly XC skiing gifts. Here are some of the options that would make any XC skier delighted without causing any pressure on your wallet.

Day Pass for a Ski Area

There is no place a cross country skiing enthusiast would want to be other than the ski area. A day trail pass to a ski area makes a great gift. You can even bump it up to a booklet of skiing passes, or a season pass to a certain ski area.

Cross-Country Ski Magazine Subscription


If you are a skier, you know that whether it is off-season or you are somehow away from that snow-covered terrain, all you want to know more about is skiing, and all stuff related to cross country skiing. For this reason, getting your loved one a cross country ski magazine subscription is a great holiday gift idea. The magazine subscription does not cost too much but is a great reminder of your love, consideration, and thought whenever they get their issue. Depending upon your budget, you can get them a monthly subscription or an annual one. Through an XC ski magazine subscription, your skiing enthusiast friend or family member will get access to all the good stuff that’s happening around the XC skiing world.

Books about Cross-Country Skiing

It is an old saying that a book is a man’s best friend. But for skiers, a book is a great way to relax after a long day of adventures on the slope, as well as a connection to their favorite sport in the off-season. There are plenty of good books about cross country skiing, and a good cross country book makes a perfect gift.

Thermal Underwear

As they say, there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. Put some warm thoughts into your loved one’s clothing and gift them something practical and useful at the same time. During the ski trip, thermal underwear will keep the skier warm and comfortable. It is a thoughtful gift that all skiers need. A skier can never have too many of the thermal underwear!

xc holiday gift ideas

Ski Socks, Hats and Gloves

Ski socks, gloves, and hats always make great holiday presents. Kids outgrow them and adult skiers often lose them, or they just need more of them (sometimes as a backup as these items can get wet). You can also gift them a set or a basket that has assorted socks, gloves, and a ski hat – something that will make the XC skier warm and remind him/ her of you on the slopes! Make sure you know the right size. Many times these items come in a “one size fits all” case. You can also choose between different colors and make your gift look more attractive.


All cross country skiers use some kind of waxes. Even the waxless skis need a bit of waxing at the right place to keep the skis well-maintained. You do not need grip wax for fish scale patterned skis or the skin skis. The waxable classic cross country skis need to be waxed at the grip zone – that is the part underneath the feet. Make sure you know a little bit about the ski type or the kind of waxes your loved one uses. If the skier uses waxable skis, they will have to apply a good quality kick wax on them before heading out to ski. As a skier who constantly invests in waxes, ski waxes make a great gift and a relief that one won’t have to buy it for some time.


Ski brushes are the most misunderstood and under-rated tools. Only an avid skier knows the importance of having the right kind of brush. When tuning the skis, brushes play a vital role in the pre as well as post wax stages of the XC ski. If you are not into skiing, it is natural to get confused between synthetic fibers, hair, and metal brushes. There are also these drill powered brushes.

If you know the kind of brushes your loved one uses for his/ her skis, then problem solved! Order a new shiny pack of those. If not, then keep in mind that ski wax brushes come in a variety of sizes and stiffness levels. The larger diameter bristles are good for large area cleaning, rough wax, as well as removing dirt. The brushes with smaller bristles are used as finishing brushes as they are used for fine wax removal, polishing, and getting the wax out of the base structure.


A headlamp makes a great gift – it is thoughtful as well as presentable. For a skier, a headlamp can be a versatile tool. If the gift receiver enjoys skiing at night or lives in an area where he/ she can ski at night, this makes a great gift. Having a headlamp makes cross country skiing safe and more fun.

Headlamps are also useful for skiers who ski at a fast pace. When a skier skis fast, he/ she needs to view the area in front of him/ her instantly and clearly so the skier could make adjustments in case of any collision. For the safety and quality of skiing, a headlamp is a great gift. And in the off-season, it can be used by the skier in many other practical ways!

Hydration Pack

Water is important for everyone, and for cross country skiers having a hydration pack is crucial. It not only keeps them hydrated but a good hydration pack helps them to enjoy long hours on the slopes. There are different kinds of hydration packs available for you to choose from. A Hydration pack makes a thoughtful and useful gift and does not cost you much.

Energy Snacks

Cross country skiing burns tons of calories and snacks are super important for skiers. Gifting them with a box of energy snacks shows how much you care. It is something you know they will always use and will remind them of you when they are out skiing and need refueling.

Some Funny Gift Ideas for XC Skiers

Do you what is better than gifting a cross country skier a good XC related gift? An XC ski gift that has a touch of humor so it can bring a smile to your loved one’s face every time he/ she uses it or looks at it. Here are some great funny gift ideas for cross country skiers:

Funny Cross-Country Ski Mugs

Who doesn’t use a mug? Whether your skier friend loves to drink hot chocolate or is a coffee buff, or just want to keep a collection of pens and pencils, a mug is a versatile gift. And if the mug has a tagline, there is nothing better!

How about this black ceramic mug with the tagline “Relationship Status: Single, Married, In love with Cross Country Skiing”? You can order your preferred size.

Or how about this black ceramic mug that says “Cross country skiing is the best medicine”? Another option is this color changing white/ black mug that says “If you don’t like Cross Country Skiing, then probably you won’t like me…And I’m okay with that”. There is nothing better than a touch of humor with your morning mug of coffee or tea.

xc ski mugs

Funny T-Shirts and Hoodies

T-shirts and hoodies make great gifts. Bringing your favorite skier a dash of a smile, gift him/ her one of these and they will surely relate to what the tagline says!

The Evolution of Skier T-shirt makes a funny gift for skiers of all ages, whether they are male, female, or young skiing buffs. Another super hilarious T-shirt is this one that says” Imagine a life without cross country skiing; now slap yourself and never do it again” – you can purchase it. The “Eat Sleep Cross Country Repeat” hoodie is fun and catchy, and you can gift it to your loved one.

You can never go wrong with a funny T-shirt/ hoody gift. Get it to gift not only the shirt but a smile to your loved one – and you will end up ordering one for yourself as well!


If you are looking for the perfect gift for a cross country skier, there are so many options to choose from. It mainly depends upon the age, skill level, and interests of the skier. The skiing gift items mentioned above are perfect, and you can add an extra item to the gift that shows your extra thought – such as a foot warmer, headband, neck-up, ski sleeves, lip balms, and even sunscreen.

If you are in doubt of their size or preference of color choice of a certain gift item, gift vouchers and certificates make great gift options that are safe to give. After all, gift certificates are always the right size and color! They also allow the receiver to choose what they need or like.

Check your budget and get your loved one their ideal gift this season – something that gets them excited about their cross country skiing activity. If you love XC skiing, why don’t you get your shopping done early and go hit the slopes!