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Northwest Wisconsin

Northwest Wisconsin is a region rich in Nordic skiing tradition and history and blessed with some of the best cross country ski trails in the country. Not only are there literally hundreds of kilometers of groomed trails, but they represent a wide range of family-oriented to athletically challenging experiences in a setting of incredible natural beauty.

With the region's strong Scandinavian heritage, it was only natural that Nordic skiing took root in northwest Wisconsin. Farmers, loggers and settlers of Norwegian, Finnish and Swedish extraction used cross country skis for work and recreation dating back to the early part of the twentieth century.

Much of the area's "modern" Nordic skiing heritage can be attributed to the late Tony Wise and the development of Telemark Resort in Cable. Wise was one of those larger than life characters whose accomplishments helped elevate cross country skiing to a much higher level of awareness in the Midwest and perhaps the country. He was the former owner of Telemark Resort which became one of the first downhill ski areas in the Midwest in 1947. As such, it quickly became a hot spot for winter sports in the area. Wise recognized the potential for cross country skiing at Telemark; a system of trails was .... Read more here....

Snowshoeing Northwest Wisconsin

Snowshoeing is just about as silent a "silent sport" as you can find. The soft sound of your snowshoes packing the snow and your own heartbeat are about you can hear as you make your way through the woods in the deep snow of our long northwestern Wisconsin winters. But where does one go to enjoy this increasingly popular winter sport? Unlike cross country skiing, developed snowshoe trail systems are still evolving across the region. We are fortunate, none the less, to have many excellent places to explore here in the wilds of northwestern Wisconsin.

Of course, the real die-hard adventurer doesn't even need a trail and can just head out into any tract of land. For you, the vast county forests and national forest lands will provide ample opportunity to explore. Existing hiking and nature trails also offer fantastic snowshoeing options, many through deep woods in remote areas with ... Read more here....

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Dog Friendly

Trail Report: Dec 18, 2014

Last Groomed: Dec 01, 2014

  • Timm\'s Hill Trail

    Ogema, WI

    16.1 km/10 miles of trail connects the Rib Lake Ski & Snowshoe Trails near Rib Lake, WI to the Highpoint Ski Trails at Timm's Hill near Ogema,... read more..

Trail Report: Dec 05, 2014

Last Groomed: Dec 03, 2014

  • Blue Hills Trail

    Bruce, WI

    20 + miles of trails groomed for classical and skating. Many intersecting loops allow for tours of various configurations.... read more..

Trail Report: Dec 15, 2014

Last Groomed: Dec 01, 2014

  • Lighted Cross Country Ski Trail

    Timberland Hills

    Cumberland, WI

    24 km. of trails. Rolling to hilly. Groomed for skating and classical. 2.5 km of lighted trail.... read more..

Trail Report: Dec 05, 2014

Trail Report: Dec 02, 2014

  • Coon Lake Trail

    Frederic, WI

    5.3km groomed for skating and classical with segments of easy and intermediate difficulty and one series of steep, more difficult loops.... read more..

Trail Report: Dec 19, 2014

  • Newman Springs Trail

    Park Falls, WI

    11.2 km of trails. Portions of the trail have rolling terrain which provides scenic views of the area; groomed for classic only.... read more..

Trail Report: Dec 17, 2014

Last Groomed: Dec 08, 2014

Dog Friendly

Trail Report: Dec 17, 2014

Last Groomed: Dec 17, 2014

  • MECCA Ski Trails

    Mercer, WI

    Numerous loops from 2k to 8k. Total of 21k of trails, all trails groomed for classical, with skating available on 16k. Easy to moderate difficulty... read more..

Trail Report: Dec 19, 2014

  • Wintergreen Trail

    Fifield, WI

    11.5 km - Gentle enough for the intermediate skill level, yet challenges the experienced; groomed for skating and classic.... read more..

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