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Bayfield Road Snowshoe Trail

Brule, Wis.

Trail Options:   2.25 mile hike located about 3 miles north of Brule.

Trail Description: The Bayfield Road Snowshoe Trail is an historically significant, 2.25 mile hike located about 3 miles north of Brule. Along this route the first road between Superior and Bayfield was built in 1870. The road was then used to transport freight, mail, and passengers until it was replaced by the railroad in 1885. About a half mile from the parking lot, to the north (left) you will see a rocky rise with a fence on top. If you climb to the top you will see the old Percival Mine site. Stay outside the fence for your safety. You soon reach a wooden bridge that crosses a small unnamed stream that flows into Percival Creek. When you come to a left turn in the trail there is a climb up a steep grade. This is where the trail leaves the route the Bayfield Road used in the 1800?s. The Bayfield Road continues east and crosses the Bois Brule River about a half mile from here. The trail now meanders through several drainages and eventually takes you up to Sugar Camp Hill. This area of northern hardwoods is the only one like it in the Brule River State Forest. As you reach the top of Sugar Camp Hill you may see the 110 foot Clevedon Fire Tower through the treetops. The remaining trail continues through the hardwoods and small areas of conifers. It joins the first part of the trail only 30 yards from the parking lot.

Snowshoeing Permitted
Snowshoeing Permitted

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Snowshoeing Permitted

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From Brule go west on US Hwy 2 for about 2 miles to Clevedon Road. Turn right on Clevedon Road and continue 3.5 miles to the parking lot on the right.

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Landmark dates in the history of Nordic Trails in northwest Wisconsin include 1975 when the United States Cross Country Ski Team including Bill Koch — who would later go on to win a silver medal in the 1976 Olympics – came to Telemark to train, 1978 when the first World Cup cross country ski races were held on the Telemark Trails, and also that year the Worldloppet League, an affiliation of international cross country ski marathons, was formed by Tony Wise at Telemark.

After an auspicious beginning, it wasn’t long before the landscape was dotted with Nordic Trails of all sizes and descriptions, most of which continue to offer pleasant and challenging cross country skiing opportunities today.