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Northwest Wisconsin Nordic Trails

Timm's Hill Trails

Ogema, Wis.

Trail Options:   16.1 km - This trail connects the High Point Trail at Timm's Hill in Ogema to the Rib Lake Nordic Ski Trail. The south end of the trail is fairly flat and gets progressively hillier offering more of a challenge for the intermediate to advanced skier. Groomed for classic and skating. Snowshoeing permitted on ungroomed side of trail.

Trail Description: The trail passes through a wide variety of forest types including regrowth of aspen clear cuts, pine plantation, hemlock, cedar groves and towering hardwood stands. Part of the trail follows a 19th century logging road that connected the early logging camps and passes a 20 X 300 long sleigh cut that was used to transport the timber to the mill in Rib lake. Many glacial features are highlighted by a section between Hultman and Stone lakes where the trail follows the top of an esker that is over 1/4-mile long and 60 feet high. Please do not snowshoe on the tracked portion of the cross-country ski trail.

Ownership: High Point Chapter of the Ice Age Park

Management: Rib Lake Ski & Snowshoe Club & High Point Ski Club

Facilities: Parking at the south & north ends. Food, lodging nearby in Rib Lake and Ogema.

Info: 715/ 767-5105, 800-269-4505


Snowshoeing Permitted
Snowshoeing Permitted

Dogs Permitted
Dogs Permitted

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Snowshoeing Permitted

Dogs Permitted

Trail Location


The southern terminus of the Timm's Hill Trail is located on Hwy C at the Rusch Preserve, where the Timm's Hill Trail connects to the Ice Age Trail. From Rib Lake, east 1 mile on Hwy 102, then north 2.5 on Hwy C to the Rusch Preserve. The northern terminus of the Timm's Hill Trail is located in the Timm's Hill County Park. From Ogema, east 3 miles on Hwy 86, then south 1 mile on Hwy C, then east 1.5 miles on Rustic Road #62 to the Ring School Road and the exit of the Park Road. The Park Road is groomed in winter for cross-country skiing. There is also limited parking where the trail crosses Hwy C and Rustic Road #1.

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Landmark dates in the history of Nordic Trails in northwest Wisconsin include 1975 when the United States Cross Country Ski Team including Bill Koch — who would later go on to win a silver medal in the 1976 Olympics – came to Telemark to train, 1978 when the first World Cup cross country ski races were held on the Telemark Trails, and also that year the Worldloppet League, an affiliation of international cross country ski marathons, was formed by Tony Wise at Telemark.

After an auspicious beginning, it wasn’t long before the landscape was dotted with Nordic Trails of all sizes and descriptions, most of which continue to offer pleasant and challenging cross country skiing opportunities today.